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Originally Posted by Wadder View Post
Yeah, the mods never talk to you ;-; They just give you infractions and yell at you D:

Heh, it's a really good anime, if you follow it xD The action doesn't start till the Frieza saga though! SSJ Goku vs. Frieza! Best battle in DBZ! xD


Yeah, I already checked it out, some of those people are way better then me! Haha xD

I will!
Wow, that's suuuuuper mature of them. -_- WELL DON'T WORRY. WHEN WE WRITE IT CAPITALS IT MEANS WE'RE EXCITED! XDDD

Ahahha, fair enough! Ooh, I see! O: Ahaha, and how many episodes did it last? XD Also if I recall correctly, Goku's Japanese voice is hilariously high. XD

OH MY GOSH WE CAN TOTALLY BE! Lawl. xD Or a friend to start with. c:

Awesome! XDD Haha, really? Well it's good to have people to look up to and learn from. =D

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