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Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Wow, that's suuuuuper mature of them. -_- WELL DON'T WORRY. WHEN WE WRITE IT CAPITALS IT MEANS WE'RE EXCITED! XDDD

Ahahha, fair enough! Ooh, I see! O: Ahaha, and how many episodes did it last? XD Also if I recall correctly, Goku's Japanese voice is hilariously high. XD

OH MY GOSH WE CAN TOTALLY BE! Lawl. xD Or a friend to start with. c:

Awesome! XDD Haha, really? Well it's good to have people to look up to and learn from. =D

Lol, I know xD

DBZ lasts over 200 episodes xD The Frieza saga is in mid 80's to 90's xD And yes, his Japanese voice is so high, it makes me lol evrytime I here it XD


Yeah, it is good!
Originally Posted by JokesterJesse View Post
Welcome to the forum! Dragonball Z is a pretty cool series and so is pokemon! xD

I would love to see some of your graphics in a gallery in the art boards! Even if some people are better than you it will hopefully inspire you to make more art and get better!

Yes, I would love to learn from some of PE2K's great artists!

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Welcome to PE2K Wadder ! We have a great batch of people here !Im sure youll feel at home. I might hit you about helping with signature !
Yay, I'd love some help on making a signature! I actually made the banner in my sig if you want to check it out :D
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