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Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Wow, that's suuuuuper mature of them. -_- WELL DON'T WORRY. WHEN WE WRITE IT CAPITALS IT MEANS WE'RE EXCITED! XDDD
What she didn't mention is that some of the Moderators here are completely, irrevocably insane as well. ...What? Stop looking at my custom title. IT MEANS NOTHING, NOTHING I TELL YOU!

But I digress, welcome to the forum! Hope you have a lot of fun, and if you need help with writing stories, ask for it and you shall receive. TAR could use some love :D

DragonBall Z. Here's how the math breaks down.

30 minutes
5 minutes of commercials
1 minute intro
- 19 minutes of powering up (give or take)
= 5 minutes of actual fighting (give or take)

Seriously. Stop with the YELLING and PUNCH HIS FACE IN ALREADY. /is totally a pacifist

*Coughs* But nah, if you love it good for you. ^^

Hope you have fun here~
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