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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Pandora (Female Froslass)
Sig Move: N/A
Tutor Move: N/A
Adopted from the Adoption Center.
Evolved at the Evolution Dojo
Changed Ability from Snow Cloak to Moody at the Pokemon Development Facility.

NEW SIGGY: Flash Freeze
Description: How does one weaponize freezing breath in a battle? Froslass, by nature, can freeze pray with -58 degree farenheit breath. This was a no-brainer, though she hadn't battled with anyone...Yet.

However, before she DID battle with anyone, she figured out that she REALLY hated such moves that got to her before she could move herself. Priority Moves, they were called, like Aqua Jet, Quick Attack, Vaccum Wave...She was irritated by such annoyances. Especially Shadow Sneak, a Ghost-Type Move that quite frankly hurt a b**chton. How did she overcome them? Simple. By being faster, immobilizing them, and proceeding to beat the s**t out of them. She honed her icy breath, channeling it forward to freeze targets at speeds to prevent Priority moves being a factor. It took a few days, but sucess was inevitable when she got a Pokemon starting to use Quick Attack (with little visible warning beforehand) Frozen before it moved. Sucess.

This move is simple to describe: Pandora unleashes frosty breath from her mouth (*Le gasp!*) at speeds that outstrip such annoyances as Quick Attack. Whatever her target is, it will be frozen, immobile, a sitting duck: Perfect for rapid hits with Ice-Type Attacks (and come on, who would thaw under consistent pressure from them?). She loves this move...Though it makes her think of food, considering this IS the way all Froslass find and immobilize prey.

Base Power: What is this nonsense? Flash Freeze is of no power.
Accuracy: 95%
Classification: Status.
Energy Mod: 4%
Priority: 2
Effect: Target is Frozen. Really. That's it.
Usage Gap: She can't use this for three actions after this is used.

Pandora, you must have a SIGNATURE MOVE! This shall be it.
... *success...

Anyway, change the Usage Gap to two Rounds and you're good. But just to clarify, it'll be two Rounds AFTER the target thaws before the move can be used again, or two Rounds before the move can be used again, regardless of when the target thaws?

I'll approve if the UG starts after the target thaws. Otherwise, it's too broken. Pending.
Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post

Drapion ()
Ability: Sniper
Signature Move: Flesh Torture
Description:The clawed arms that grow from Drapion's head are so useful that he can use them to catch and hold anything. Besides, they're long enough that Drapion takes advantage from them to capture far objects. His long segmented body also makes his arms to reach farther and allows him to block and dodge all incoming attack due to his segmented body can spin 360˚. With daily trainings and battles with other Pokémon, Drapion has mastered his full usage of the arms and tail, he also can now control all his body segments freely.

Once, Drapion saw a Pokémon using Counter. He was really really impressed with that technique and he tried to learn it. After a few failures at learning Counter, he managed to modify the technique he wished to learn. Instead of counter-attacking the incoming attacker, he used his arms to block the attacker from attacking and instead, Drapion was the one to attack. Drapion caught both the attacker's arms with his claws then jumped on the target's body to make the target falls laying on the ground. With his clawed tail, he locked the target's movement by catching his target's legs. Drapion will then torture his target by stretching his arms and tails together to disjoin the target's joints.
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: 90
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: X*3
Impact: Single Target
Priority: -5
Effects: Works only if a Pokémon is attacking with physical attack. Cancels the attack and disables the target from using physical attack for 1 action. Rolls a six-sided die, the result is X, if the result is 6, rolls again. For every (X+1) actions, inflicts BLEEDING status on the target. Each time a bleeding Pokémon uses physical attack, the Pokémon loses 1/8 of its max HP.
Usage Gap: Once per Round, always fails if the last move used is Flesh Torture
Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post

[Barricade] Forretress (M)
Ability: Sturdy
Obtained: Adoption Center
Evolved: Evolution Dojo

Sig Move: Stone Shield


Despriction: Foretress are capable of employing the move Stealth Rock. Barricade, being the defensive minded mon he is, has tried to figure out a way to use it to protect himself with the levitating rocks. After some experimentation, he managed to figure it out. After using the rocks to surround himself instead of the opponent, he makes the rocks orbit in a hemisphere (or full sphere, if he's in the air), weakening attacks from afar and occasionally preventing close quarters attacks from working, causing the opponent damage instead.
Type: Rock
Base Power: None
Accuracy: If I really have to provide this, I will have to ask you if I'm allowed to bang my forehead on the wall repeatedly first.
Classification: Status.
Energy Mod: 8%
Priority: 0
For two rounds, if the target attacks
  • With a move that makes contact- Roll a 10 sided die. If roll is one or two, the attack fails, and the target sustains half normal Stealth Rock damage instead.
  • If the target attacks with a non contact move- Move is weakened to 75% normal base power. However, if the type of the move is a type Rock resists (eg Flying), this is reduced to 50% instead.
  • Barricade loses 2 energy for every round this is up.

Usage Gap: This move cannot be used if it is in effect.


[Virgo] Gothitelle (F)
Ability: Shadow Tag
Obtained: Here
Evolved: Here
Tutored Move: Cosmic Power
Sig Move: Shadow Bind

Despriction: Gothitelle (in ASB) have Shadow Tag. Virgo realized a while back that the entire body of anything is covered in much shadow, depending on body shape and the like. Ergo, Virgo decided to try using her Shadow Tag in a way that would, instead of just trapping the opponent, it traps the opponent's shadows to each other, hindering movement.
Type: Dark (SHADOW Bind? It's kinda in the name)
Base Power: None
Accuracy: 95%
Classification: Status.
Energy Mod: 10%
Priority: 0
  • Target speed goes down three stages while the move is in effect.
  • Moves that require contact are reduced to 1/4 power.
  • The effect lasts for 5 actions
Usage Gap: She can't use this for one round after its effect concludes.
2/2 for both of them.

@Dredd, just flesh it out a bit, mate. P: 0/2.
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