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Default Re: [CLAN] Heroes of the Heavens

Welcome to first, and last division in Heroes of the Heavens clan! All members will start off at the default Zigzagoon rank, and work their way up by earning Shards!

Our currency is called Shards.
In order to move up a rank, you must earn enough shards! Here are some ways you can earn shards

1. Win a battle: 10 Shards
2. Lose a battle: 5 shards
3. Make art for a member: 15 shards
4. Make art for the clan: 25 Shards
5. Trade a Pokemon: 5 Shards
6. RNG a Pokemon: 15 Shards
7. EV a Pokemon: 15 Shards
8. Tutor a member: 20 Shards



(100 Shards)

(200 Shards)

(350 Shards)

(500 Shards)

(650 Shards)

(Exclusive to member of my choice)

(Exclusive to me only)


Credit to Wadder~

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