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Default Re: WAR XI Scores


Role Play (5 Points This Week to Compensate for Week 1)
Dr Robotnik (The Eggman Empire/Judge) 1 Point
Grassy_Aggron (Guardian Units of Nations) 3 Points
Dog of Hellsing (Park Lords) 2 Points

Fan Fiction (5 Points This Week!)
Sight of the Stars (Guardian Units of Nations/Judge) 1 Point
Enkaku_Kumori (The Eggman Empire) 2 Points
Winter (The Eggman Empire) 1 Point
Saraibre Ryu (Guardian Units of Nations) 1 Point
Grassy_Aggron (Guardian Units of Nations) 1 Point

Drawn Art
TheEvilDookie (No Team/Judge) 1 Point
Foxamivalth (Awesome!) 3 Points
Judge Dredd (Awesome!) 2 Points
Velocity (Revolution Uprising) 1 Point

Graphic Art
Neo Emolga (No Team/Judge) 1 Point
Charmander009 (The Eggman Empire) 3 Points
White Knight (Obscurity) 2 Points
JokesterJesse (Not-So-Super Friends) 1 Point

Sprite Art
XaiakuX (Awesome!/Judge) 1 Point
FrozenChaos (Team .) 3 Points
Velocity (Revolution Uprising) 2 Points
Sammy0295 (The Eggman Empire) 1 Point

URPG Battling
RaptorJesus (Not-So-Super Friends/Judge) 1 Point
Bumblebee16 (Guardian Units of Nations) 6 Points

POL Battling
Nitro (Team ./Judge) 1 Point
>All Points Forfeited<

LS the Door Mat (Team ./Judge) 1 Point
Judge Dredd (Awesome!) 3 Points
Nitro (Team .) 2 Points
Grassy_Aggron (Guardian Units of Nations) 1 Point

Webmaster (No Team/Judge) 1 Point
Judge Dredd (Awesome!) 4 Points
>Last Points Forfeited<

ASB (Event)
3m0d0ll (Not-So-Super Friends/Judge) 1 Point
White Knight (Obscurity) 2 Points
Saraibre Ryu (Guardian Units of Nations) 2 Points

Wi-Fi Battling (Event)
>Not Started<

Voice Acting (Event)
>Not Started<

Guardian Units of Nations 15 Points
Awesome! 13 Points
The Eggman Empire 8 Points
Team . 7 Points
Not-So-Super Friends 3 Points
Revolution Uprising 3 Points
Team Obscurity 4 Points
Park Lords 2 Points

Neo Emolga 1 Point
WebMaster 1 Point
TheEvilDookie 1 Point

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