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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine
Route between Easthaven and Oakwood, heading to Oakwood
ARPers: Kamikaze (Aldur, Ailith)
"I would appreciate it if you could show me, or at the very least explain the process." Aldur replied, and then he gave the sun's position a quick glance, "Do you think we can make it to Oakwood before nightfall, or would you rather set up camp along the road? I'm much in favor of the later, though if we intend to make it to civilization, we might want to pick up the pace a little. Either works for me."

Menora also looked to see for herself. She did notice it was getting later, so it would be best that they start stopping soon. She didn't want to push the others, so setting up camp sounded like a better idea.

"Let's start looking for a good place to camp for the night. We can make it to Oakwood tomorrow afternoon if we start early in the morning," the hunter replied.

"Because the wolves live in the present. They remember the past, they anticipate the future, but ultimately, it is the present that matters. Time is a concept of mankind, wolves have no need for minutes, hours or years. When I change into another form, I slowly gain some of the new shape's psyche, this is why most druids stay too long in one shape and then have no wish, and no need to change back into human form." Ailith replied and seemed to hesitate for a moment. "As a human, I retain some of this mentality when I change back, but it is much stronger in this form. I have done things in the past, made decisions that can never be undone. And living in the present means I can focus on what is important, and not lose myself in long gone events that will forever remain unchangeable."

Nero could understand that. However that was how most wolves thought. Not himself. Sure, he did live in the moment most of the time. But he also thought of the past or future. He had kept his gaze on Ailith, but now he just looked ahead of them. He heard what his partner suggested, so he'd keep an eye out for a good campsite. But also he was thinking of how to reply.

"It is nice to just worry about the here and now, but if that's all we can focus on then we have nothing to look forward to. And we learn from our past as well. Instinct is one thing, but in my opinion having a soul is much more. Wolves don't normally have their own identity, only their rank in the pack. Are you really willing to let go of your humanity, the thing that makes you unique, to become an animal?" he replied, this time in his native tongue to that the others didn't hear their conversation. And with that he sprinted forward, focusing on the task of finding a safe place to sleep that night since they would not make it to Oakwood before dark.
Kai (NPC)
Underground, Southbay
ARPers: Winter (Anya)
"Well, it seems like you're everything I'm not--I'm mostly an employer of brute force... I'm used to taking people down and keeping them away from my sister while relying on her to keep me from getting too bad off, so as long as you don't mind basically doing most of the stealth work, I'll take us to where she and the other guy are and keep the guards down. Is that acceptable?"

Kai nodded. "Kai doesn't mind," she said.

She noticed that this woman seemed to be a lot like Bellona. If she used strength to her advantage, that means that someone with speed would be a good partner. And Kai had speed where she lacked in power. And she was good in stealth as well. So it seemed like that this woman would keep the guards busy while Kai quickly snuck in and picked all the locks in the cells. It didn't sound hard at all. So it would be a quick in and out mission in the elf's eyes.
APRers: Brainiac (Suhail)
"No matter my desires, I am not meant to be free. I cannot escape what I am any more than a wolf could give up its fangs and become a man. I do not have the luxury of expending my energy in such a futile fight. My very nature prohibits the possibility."

Both Taro and Drakon knew that a wolf could give up its fangs to be a man, just like a man could give up their humanity to become a wolf. However, they said nothing about that since it seemed like Suhail was not yet finished speaking to them about the matter.

"In any case, what could you possibly have to offer me in the way of freedom? What reason could I possibly have to believe that my very nature could be thwarted, when you so obviously use what I am to subjugate me to your own desires? I do not trust your ability to promise me anything of value. Why pretend? Just order me to commit the atrocities you have planned, and do not seek to further complicate what interaction takes place between us. As your observations will have previously proven, no matter my desires, I will obey."

"Now why would you think I would order you around like a dog?" Taro asked, his voice and expression serious. "I could merely hold onto this to ensure your loyalty, but everything you do would be of your own free will. You didn't always have this, so you must remember what freedom was like."

It was then that Drakon started to circle the pair. He kept his eyes on the Soulless as he spoke. "When the Sacred Beasts once again control the land, we can do whatever we please. We have the power to chance the very nature of things. We can create a new species, as well as completely eliminate one. We can change how things are. Once we are restored to our full power, we can break the chains that make you soulless and give you your humanity back." He then stopped near Suhail, bringing his head down so that they were eye to eye. "Tell me, there must still be something you desire. If you help us, I can give you whatever you wish."
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