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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Spinel
Age: 17
Gender: ♀
Appearance: Spinel stands at about 5'4" with a slight athletic build. She had deep chestnut brown hair with auburn highlights that reached to the small of her back. Her bangs are usually brushed to the left side of her face, partially covering her eye. The rich plum color of her eyes seemed to go well with her hair color as well as her medium skin tone. Her usual attire consists of a cornflower blue tank top, indigo zip-up hoodie, faded dark blue denim shorts, and russet brown hiking boots. Her accessories of choice are black wrist bands, a hair tie that she uses to style her hair one of three ways, and a silver pendant. The three styles she can be seen having her hair is a loose, low ponytail, a regular ponytail, or have it tied over her right shoulder.
Personality: Spinel is a smart and caring girl. She didn't have the best confidence in herself when she first started out, feeling like she had to live up to her parents' reputation. Over time and with the support of her Pokémon and friends she did get more confident and realized that she did doesn't have to live up to what her parents had accomplished. She is a loyal friend, and even when something happens she is willing to forgive and forget. It is hard to upset her unless harm is directed towards her friends. Even though she can be more on the quiet side she loves to had adventure and fun with those close to her and greatly enjoys their company.
Home World: Pokémon (New Bark Town, Johto)
History: Spinel grew up in New Bark Town with her mother, a top coordinator named Topaz, and her father, Garnet, who is known as a excellent trainer. Since she was little she watched and helped her parents raise their Pokémon, being especially fond of her mother's Linoone, Kohana, and her father's Tysphlsion, Rayner. It wasn't long after that she met some of the other kids in town, Kris and Kenta, and the three of them soon became almost inseparable. When they were old enough they all got their starter Pokémon from Professor Elm, Spinel choosing Totodile.

Spinel had a few hardships early in her journey, losing some of her Pokémon in battles from serious injuries. But she overcame them with the help of her other Pokémon and quickly rose to the challenge from the Gym Leaders. Before she challenged Jasmine, however, Garnet gave her Rayner to raise, having a feeling that she could bring out his full potential better than he could. With the Typhlosion's help, taking time to learn how to battle with him due to his injuries beforehand, she was able to beat both Jasmine and Pryce with ease.

When she was training her team to take on the Blackthorn gym was when the merging happened. She had wanted to make sure she was prepared, which lead to her spending extra time on training. When the merge happened she was only able to find her mother. Her father's location is still unknown. Her mother lives in the main city, offering classes for those wishing to learn more about Pokémon appeal for contests, while Spinel decided to live in one of the crystal colonies. She mainly helps with shipments of crystals, makings sure they get where they need to go and aren't stolen. She does have a lot of free time which she spends training or just simply being with her Pokémon, not knowing where her friends are either.
Pokémon: Ren (♀) | Sullivan (♂) | Alistair (♂) | Annabelle (♀) | Nina (♀) | Maverick (♂) | Jarl (♂) | Rayner (♂) | Kailash (♂) | Kohana (♂)
Link: Lugia
  • Spinel is one of the few trainers who can understand Pokémon language, however she likes to keep it a secret.
  • Ren has an Everstone charm on a purple wristband on her left wrist.
  • Due to a sever injury in a battle Rayner is completely blind and scarred severly. He has a mask-like scar on his face that is purple in color. It is possible that the coloring was due to the scar was left from an Acid attack. His eyes are sealed shut. However his blindness is not a weakness. His other senses have become move sensitive and he fights just as well, if not better, than a Pokémon who has perfect vision.
  • Spinel has many secrets, some of which she has kept from family and friends.
((credit for human pictures goes to xdanond on and their Anime Character Maker 2.2
other images belong to their respective owners
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