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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

RPers involved:
CM (Taro)

"Now why would you think I would order you around like a dog?" Taro asked, his voice and expression serious. "I could merely hold on to this to ensure your loyalty, but everything you do would be of your own free will. You didn't always have this, so you must remember what freedom was like."

The indignant tone in his voice somehow gave Suhail pause. Could this man honestly wish to grant Suhail freedom rather than bondage? Automatically, Suhail’s mind was brought right back to the last day of his normal life. Kore smiled at him as, hand in hand, they walked the familiar forest pathways between their homes. He blinked, and the vision was gone.

It was then that Drakon started to circle the pair. He kept his eyes on Suhail as he spoke.

"When the Sacred Beasts once again control the land, we can do whatever we please. We have the power to change the very nature of things. We can create a new species, as well as completely eliminate one. We can change how things are. Once we are restored to our full power, we can break the chains that make you soulless and give you your humanity back."

Suhail took the revelation that he stood before a Sacred Beast about as well as little Rose would have taken a blow to the head; he was instantly in shock. Clan legend said that the Soulless were once devoted to serving the Gods, but that after failing in their duty they were stripped of their positions of power and forced to serve men as punishment.

Drakon stopped near Suhail, bringing his head down so that they were eye to eye. "Tell me, there must still be something you desire. If you help us, I can give you whatever you wish."

It was the Gods who had cursed his clan. For the first time in five years, Suhail suddenly had hope for the future. If this sacred being truly would forgive them their ancient failings then there was hope, not only for Suhail but for his whole clan, to be free once again.

Suhail hastily dropped to his knees before Drakon, bowing until his forehead touched the wooden floorboards.

“Forgive me for addressing you directly, O Great One. It has been many generations since any of my people have been blessed by the direct presence of one such as thyself. If I were to desire one thing of thee, it would be that thou would again grant my people the privilege of serving thee and thy kind, and to remove from us the curse of bondage to mortal men.

I pledge to serve thee insomuch as I am able. I fear that my service may be flawed because of my nature, but whatsoever thou may desire of me, I shall do whatever is in my power to accomplish it.”

Suhail waited motionless, overwhelmed by the awe of it. Nothing else around him registered in his mind. After countless generations he, Suhail, had been granted the blessing of an audience with one of the Gods! He had been promised an opportunity to free his clan from the curse than had plagued them for longer than their records named. For the first time, he could even dream of returning home to his family again one day, if he were deemed worthy.

For the first time in years, Suhail was happy.

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