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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

OOC: People, if I read things in your profiles that should be secret from everybody, please tell me by VM and I will edit it out.

Akira Hinomi
Viridian City, Trainer School, Dining Hall
Character Count: 5852 for 5 points, not counting this heading. Point total: 10

Oy vey. That guy has an opinion on everything, and likes telling it to everybody. Sometimes it's a good idea to keep your mouth shut. Actually often. Maybe it's just me though. Criticizing the Trainer experiment, the Master, cursing. He's more pessimistic than me, and people call me pessimistic. I swear, if he dies on this trip I probably wouldn't care unless he somehow warms up to me, which seems highly unlikely with how he's been eying me. And then he ran off. Good riddance. I wondered if he would follow us or not when the time came to leave.

The Master then game us all a history lesson on why this mission was so important. He sounded like he had left over feelings of sadness from not being able to find the girl, and it was haunting him to this day. Sad. This just went to show that we had to succeed. And when he finished, he left us to our own devices for a brief moment. A brief moment until another Master named Yin came to us and pointed to two people, a girl and a boy named Shay and Xiac respectively. He named them sort of leaders of our little group in Max's absence and then gave us all a Potion. I accepted mine with a nod.

Xiac seemed to be uncomfortable next to Shay. Hmm, I wonder what's the deal with that. If I had some control over my abilities I could probably get at least a feeling of his thoughts, but I didn't so I was just puzzled about this behavior. He laid out the specifics of the plan of action and asked us if we were in agreement about how things would go down. I nodded silently again, waiting for the supposed signal.

“Save yourself! Rayquaza has come for us!” Max's voice rang out from outside. What is a Rayquaza? Whatever it was it was supposed to be scary. I checked if my Pokedex had an entry on it, but of course there was nothing. I quickly scanned over everybody's Pokemon for entries, collecting the data into the thing. What? It could come in handy later.

“I-I-I will follow Shay. She seems cool.” I said aloud, following along behind her and her Charmander as we went outside and onto Route 2. Trixie floated along behind me. Was that wad of anger following us? Eh, I didn't bother looking anymore. The way he had been acting he made it pretty clear he didn't want to be here. Shay gave a short rundown of the area. Seemed like she knew what was here and had studied the maps. I really should do that too. My Pokegear has pretty detailed maps, when it has a signal of course. I preferred not to use it though, to be surprised.

We passed over a small wall of trees and plants and seemed to slow down a bit as the others ahead of me seemed unsure of where to go. Were we going to a clearing to set up camp or following what seemed to be a dense path? I decided to take this opportunity to look up the profiles of my compatriots on my Pokegear while I still had a signal and we were walking. The parts that the school made public, anyway. I filed this away as read in detail later if we had time, but skimmed for now. If we had to live together for this journey, I might as well get to know their stories. I also attempted to recall and piece together details I'd overheard from other people who were acquainted with them over the time I'd spent at the school.

The boy with the Poliwag, Eti was raised by his uncle. I could only imagine that something must have happened to his parents.

The hothead with the Nidoran who made everybody dislike him was Markus, and apparently the old Gym Leader Sabrina was his aunt. Based on how he has acted around the Master and myself I can only image his relationship with her must be strained. Does he have something against me? Hard to tell, but he makes it clear he hates everybody. Regardless, he gave me zero reason to like him.

The boy with the Psyduck who was the other leader of the group was cool. I had heard a rumor that he was bullied. If that’s true we had that in common. Perhaps we could get along at some point? Something to think about later. So far I had only noticed one thing strange about him: He seemed to act really odd when mentioning Shay. Maybe she made him nervous, or all girls make him nervous. I wondered what would happen if I came up to him and tried to talk to him. Would he run away screaming like a little kid from a monster?

This one has a lot of hearsay in it. The kid with the Machop, Eli was a ground trainer, He didn’t act like it though. Something bad must have happened to him to make him turn out that way. Maybe he fell victim to bullying like Xiac and me. Or it could be something much worse, but there is really no way to know for sure. His file didn’t say much other then him being brought here by his dad. Maybe I could find out what his story was and relate to him, if I ever got the guts to talk to him first.

Shay, the girl I had decided to follow, who I'm not sure was even aware that I had picked her to tag along with, seemed to be a natural battler. I saw her practicing outside a few times, she seemed really focused on battling. She really stayed to herself. I think she preferred training her Charmander to talking to the other students. She seems like she would be hard to get close to. Noted.

Is it really possible to be quiet but also social? Well apparently Persephone was as such, with the ability to talk to Grass Pokemon, especially her Bulbasaur. Other than that she seemed to be pretty average.

We seemed to slow down even more and Persephone ahead of me whispered something to Shay. I could barely hear it, but it might have been information about about hazards in the forest. Maybe? What waited for us in this place? Should we wander around looking for Pokemon? Would they attack us even though we were doing nothing hostile except just looking for them? I pulled out my self folding tent and put it under my arm in flat box form, getting ready to set it up whenever the order to set up camp was given.
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