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Default Re: [WAR XI] Saraibre Ryu of GUN vs. White Knight of Team Obscurity.

This was it. This was positively it. The final, ultimate battle in the greatest ASBL tournament in history. A hush had fallen over the Normal field as the battlers stepped somberly to their places. A crowd had gathered, and the anticipation was palpable. All eyes were fixed on the soon-to-be combatants, and every heart throbbed. Now it was time to see who would claim victory and glory for their team, and who would return humbled by defeat.

The referee shot Saraibre Ryu, the representative of the great Guardian Units of Nations, a rather petulant glance and quietly asked her to send out her Pokemon. She nodded tersely, her gaze fixed on her opponent, and sent out her Pokemon: a tall, insect-humanoid hybrid with a shiny red exoskeleton and fluttering, transparent wings crisscrossed with thin veins. The creature snapped his strong, razor-sharp red pincers together, warming himself up as he looked with golden eyes at his opponent and waited.

He did not wait for long. White Knight, Saraibre Ryu's opponent - who, just like his fellows in Team Obscurity, seemed to have come out of nowhere to make himself a contender - sent his Pokemon out quickly. Hopefully it was something capable of standing up to such a foe as Scizor.

A great equine appeared on the field, stamping its dark hooves and glaring at Scizor with eyes the color of a lightning strike. The Zebstrika flicked his jagged tail, sending pale sparks of electricity scattering through the air as if to challenge the crimson bug. Scizor looked unimpressed, and he met Zebstrika's glare unflinchingly. The crowd was relieved - this match gave an advantage to no one, and that meant this battle would no doubt be one for the history books. At a command from the referee, the Trainers called orders and the battle began.

Saraibre Ryu

[Armory] Scizor (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready to kick some zebra tookus.
Counter ~ Substitute @1%

White Knight

[Circus Afro] Zebstrika (M)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Um, what was that name you gave me!?
Screech/Double Team ~ Flame Charge/Double Team

Round One

The Zebstrika tossed his head as he heard his temporary Trainer barking out his commands. He most certainly hoped that the human wasn't as poor at battling as he was at nicknaming! Pushing the thought aside, the newly christened Circus Afro opened his jaws. He sucked in a great breath of air and pushed it back out of his lungs. His larynx throbbed in wild, violent convulsions, mangling the cry and turning it into a sound similar to the shrill shriek of metal on metal. Bright blue shockwaves corkscrewed from his jaws, giving the horrid sound a visual representation. Armory the Scizor winced, but could not move aside in time. The noise washed over him like an acid river; then it was over, leaving him feeling rather jelly-legged despite his hard shell.
[Screech: Armory, -2 DEF; Circus Afro, -3% Energy]

Circus Afro hesitated, eyeing his insect enemy warily. He expected the Scizor to be a bit shaken by the Screech attack, but that didn't give Armory any excuse to stand about, waiting! With a snort of impatience, Circus Afro rushed forward across the field, his hooves kicking up gray dust as he gathered speed. Around his white-striped body, flames began to flicker into existence. In seconds his whole body was engulfed in bright orange flames. He kept running, running, running, his flying hooves carrying him straight toward Armory. With a loud crunch, the Zebstrika slammed into his opponent, transferring the flames to his foe and setting him painfully alight. Scizor was knocked backward, sent skidding across the dusty arena floor.
[Flame Charge: Armory, -13% HP; Circus Afro, -6% Energy, +1 SPD]

But Armory was not about to just let his foe beat him about - quite the opposite. He rose slowly, a red aura coalescing around his already-red body. Even his eyes were turned red by the heat of his rage - and his pain. He rushed at Circus Afro, intent on getting revenge on the Electric-type. With a resounding crack, he smacked Circus Afro across his dark head, making Staryu dance before his eyes. Armory did not stop there, however; he kept on battering his enemy until his anger was spent. The red aura petered out and Armory stepped back to a more respectful distance, leaving Circus Afro wincing with pain and shock, his body covered in bruises and scratches.
[Counter: Armory, -9% Energy; Circus Afro, -26% HP]

Now that his brutal barrage was finished, Armory decided to devote himself to less offensive measures. He lifted his claws, and within them flickered little white lights: tiny pieces of his life force. The lights flowed out of his claws, forming a small sphere of pure energy. As Armory concentrated on it, the sphere began to take shape, forming a glowing, life-sized copy of the Scizor. The glow faded, revealing that the doll was dully-colored and lusterless, like he had been formed from dust. But the copy had the movement of a living thing, and both Pokemon knew that it would protect Armory for the duration of its frail life.
[Substitute: Armory, -1% HP; -1% Energy]

Saraibre Ryu

[Armory] Scizor (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 86%
Energy: 90%
Status: Satisfied. [-2 DEF, Sub @1%]

White Knight

[Circus Afro] Zebstrika (M)
Health: 74%
Energy: 91%
Status: In a good deal of pain. [+1 SPD]

Ref Notes
Screech's Accuracy Roll was 4; 1-85 for hit.
Flame Charge's Crit Roll was 85; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Sabi's using my favorite move. <3

Saraibre Ryu, your moves please.
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