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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Originally Posted by LS the Door Mat View Post
Aren't cigarettes extremely addictive and lethal to your life? Why are those legal? The fact that Weed is illegal but things like tobacco and alcohol are legal shows that there is something wrong with our system.

I've tried all 3 of these "addictive drugs", Tobacco is addictive and can kill you, alcohol can make you into a mean drunk jerk but marijuana? You take a hit and you'll feel like the most chill person in the room.

Also, I'd like to point out that there are thousands of deaths each year that are caused by both Tobacco and Alcohol, but there is no human that has ever died from smoking too much marijuana. Seems kind of unfair that they would ban out a completely harmless and extremely useful plant but keep the legalization of alcohol and tobacco.
The reason why Alcohol isn't banned outright (In the US) is because the last time they did it did NOTHING but inflate the crime rate. Nobody had ever lived with a Ban on Alcohol, and as TE once pointed out, Anyone addicted enough to anything is going to do anything to get at their addictive substance. The Mafia rose to power as a criminal organization based off of selling this stuff. That's why we allowed it back in as legal-deflation of the crime rate. Marijuana doesn't have this extreme status in the US because pretty much, it was always banned and frowned upon-if it was no longer banned, part of this status leaves, and if it's decided in the future to ban it again (for any reason whatsoever), the result will have similar effects, only worse, mainly because the Drug is weak and if only smoked, will most likely never kill you. The same goes with Tobacco, which was NEVER outright banned and was a cash crop, though it hasn't been tested to see if a rise in crime would be the outcome of a ban. I personally believe that if those two drugs weren't already so deeply rooted in American society and would quickly pick up a criminal following at their banning, I would easily support banning them. It's kind of sad. I'd rather NOT have any Drug, no matter what it is, have that kind of status, and that there's clearly two of that potency is just sad.

As per what your statement is, LS, you are word-for-word correct...If only going by exact words. Smoking Marijuana is nearly impossible to overdose with, requiring thousands of 'joints' to hit toxic levels. However, that's not the only issue. Cannabis can cause other health problems. Yes, it's been reported by some to be an anti-carcinogen. It also, ironically, has 50 known carcinogens in it as well. It produces a Tar that is chemically similar to Tobacco Smoke when smoked. Plus, the response time is significantly lowered as a well-known side effect of smoking Cannabis, a significant impairment for anyone that decides to drive under the effects of Marijuana, which is, in essence, the reason you get arrested for a DUI.

And really, that it is a drug AT ALL is the reason to keep it banned, so I do not believe that it being weaker than Tobacco or Alcohol justifies it being brought in. That it's weaker than Tobacco or Alcohol is just an afterthought, ultimately it is a drug, it can cause major health problems, and the current system (which does approve of medical marijuana usage, but no further) is the best way to deal with it.

The small tidbit on the uprising of the Mafia came from here

Again, the effects of Cannabis noted here.

(I intended no insults at all.)
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