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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Leah Reed
Viridian City
5,438 characters (5 points) (minus the header and coding of course)

It was impossible not to grow annoyed, although Leah only slouched backward in response. She paid the boy’s complaints mild amounts of attention, and while some did hold a bit of water, it wasn’t worth flipping out about. Not here and now. Not with no respect to a superior’s presence.

Leah straightened herself when the Defensive Master started. Hopefully, this would break up some of the conflict that had been bubbling among some of the group members. It was worth sighing about actually, these were the people she was supposed to be traveling with. And, it wasn’t as if they were going for a weekend camping trip in the bushes around the city. As Markus had so eloquently put it, this was going to be dangerous.

He talked about the girl that had gone missing. Leah made sure to pay attention, this allowing her to notice his expression become more pained. This became most evident when he took a long pause, before continuing on a more optimistic note.

Axel was hovering between being interested and bored. He’d shift his weight on the seat, but managed to stay calm beyond that. Leah would break visual contact with her superior occasionally to check on her… spirited (as the more patient people would put it) partner. She’d be met with a “what, I’m not doing anything wrong” look, and that was enough to satisfy the girl for a short while.

Of course, she made sure to pay his speech plenty of attention. If her notebook and pen were out, Leah would more likely than not be taking notes. Not that she’d have much to take; another important figure came into the room and shortly thereafter, left with the Defensive Master. It had been Master Yin, which left her wondering what they had to discus.

They weren’t gone terribly long though, well, Master Yin wasn’t anyway. He came in and addressed two of the group members. The first was a girl named Shay, whom possessed a shiny Charmander. The oddly coloured fire type intrigued Leah greatly, although she had never had the chance to give it a good look over. Maybe she’d get an opportunity sometime during the adventure? Personally, she didn’t know the other girl too well though, but then again, that wasn’t saying much. The blonde wasn’t acquainted with many people.

Likewise, the same could be said about the boy, whom had been addressed as Xiac. He, however, claimed ownership of a yellow duck-like Pokémon. A first glance might leave one with the impression it wasn’t too capable, although this was a good case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Psyduck were known for having access to some pretty impressive powers, especially if trained correctly.

Apparently, these two (humans, not the Pokémon) were going to be in charge for a while. Leah was fortunate enough to be within earshot, and made sure to capitalise on this. Axel actually mimicked his trainer’s action, although for a different reason. There would be action, which was a good sign for the fluffy creature. There didn’t seem to be fire involved, however, which was disappointing, but expected.

The blonde knew they had a difficult task, if the recent show of conflict was anything to go by. Hopefully, this little stint would help bring tensions down, if only by a tiny bit. Actually, if they could achieve cooperation, this wouldn’t be hard, not terribly.

Before leaving, Master Yin gave each of them a Potion. Leah made sure to be thankful, but not to overdo it either. There was a thin line between respectful gratefulness and caked on rubbish, she’d been told a few times. Once he moved to the next person, she took the healing item and tried to fit it into her bag neatly. Of course, it was hard even getting it in, let alone in a prim manner.

Once that had been accomplished, Leah made sure it was, she noticed Master Yin had left them, meaning Shay and Xaic’s leadership roles began now. She glanced at them, expecting something, perhaps another speech?

The latter was the first to speak, basically recapping what had just happened, probably in case someone had missed it. This earned a slight nod from Leah. His next move, on the other hand, left the blonde assuming he bore at least above average feelings for his co-leader. It wasn’t a hasty assumption, not considering how red his face was. He continued on, breaking down the plan. Once he concluded, there seemed to be no objections.

Seemed everyone finally agreed on something. Axel, on the other hand, was eager for this “signal” to pop up, eager to get going already. He’d been expecting formalities, but that didn’t make them much more enjoyable. Actually, although she didn’t bring it up, Leah was fairly impressed her Pokémon had managed to stay so… behaved. These kinds of things weren’t really his style, and it tended to show. Maybe he realised just how important this really was. That, she wasn’t able to decipher, but remained content he was cooperating.

A dramatic scream, one that told of a Rayquaza attacking, could be heard in the distance. That caught Leah off guard, although logic proved greatly against the claim being real. It was as silly as saying Moltres danced the Macarena every fourth New Year’s Eve in front of sold out crowds. Okay, not that ridiculous, but still, it made no sense.

This was the signal, it was announced. That, on the other hand, was far more realistic. She didn’t need to remind Axel this was show time, he was already on his paws, and would have been out the door if left to his own vices.

Before leaving the room, Leah made sure to thank the co-leader who held the door for them. Her Eevee, on the other hand, made no such effort. For once, his trainer was too focused on something else to scold him or, in the least, shot him a disapproving glance.

Leah stopped when she reached the others, making sure to stick along the outer edges. She listened carefully as Shay provided instructions, and once again, if her notebook and pen were handy, notes would have been jotted. Her idea to split off was cleaver, although if no smaller groups were going to be predetermined, it would finding a partner to them. The blonde sighed at this realisation.

It seemed everything was settled, before Persephone, whom Leah actually was able to place properly approached Shay and began explaining certain things to her. From this distance, it was a bit hard to hear, from what she could gather, the information being shared was relating to the dangers around the area.

Leah didn’t bother approaching anyone until the matter had been addressed. Hopefully, it wouldn’t involve socialisation, a skill which wasn’t quite up to par. She hated such personal imperfections…

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