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Default Typhlosion's Kind-Of-Cool Trainer Sprites!

Nice banner eh? I agree, because I made it! If you don't like it then get out. >;c
Just kidding, but yeah, I made it.

Anyways, welcome to my Trainer Sprite Shop! I'm Typhlosion, you can call me TE, Ty, Typhlo, Typhlo Explo, Corey, or whatever else as long as it makes sense. I'll be your guide today to the wondrous world of kind of good limited custom trainer sprites!

In this thread, you can request me to make you a trainer sprite! (Who would've guessed?)

The sprites I make are CUSTOM and NON-SCRATCHED. Meaning that I can only make mine from a limited resource. Examples of which are located in the banner.

Confused about what I mean? Me too, so I'll explain it for the both of us.

The sprite below me was made by me. It can have different hair colors, pant colors, hat colors, and whatever else. I however cannot add parts on to it. Meaning that if you want a certain bag on your sprite, I can't do that. I can only recolor the given bag.

Make a bit more sense now? I hope so!

I can make/edit sprites from the below banner. These sprites come in a variety of poses and You can even choose a Pokeball to go in your hand.

**Dawn and Lucas come in their Platinum clothes too!

Anyways, I cannot re-size. If you want any re-sizing done, I apologize, but I can't.

So I bet you're thinking, "Oh what LOVELY sprites! I commend you on this great art! Now, how do I get one?"

Just fill out this form!
Trainer to Edit:
Preferred Eye color:
Preferred Hair Color:
Pant Color: 
Shirt Color:
Bag Color: 
Shoe Color:
Etc Colors (3-5 Favorite Colors): 
Preferred Pokeball (If applicable): 
Preferred Pokemon (If applicable): 
Hat Color: 
Wrist Band Colors (If applicable):
Scarf Color (If applicable):
Sock Color (If applicable):
It should look something like this:

Trainer to Edit: Gold
Preferred Eye color: Green
Preferred Hair Color: Blonde
Pant Color: Default
Shirt Color: Orange/Yellow
Bag Color: Default
Shoe Color: Orange/White
Etc Colors (3-5 Favorite Colors): Orange, Yellow, White
Preferred Pokeball (If applicable): Premier Ball
Preferred Pokemon (If applicable): Typhlosion
Hat Color: Orange/Black
Wrist Band Colors (If applicable): N/A
Scarf Color (If applicable): N/A
Sock Color (If applicable): Default
Other: N/A

A form filled out like that will give you something like this.

In this fine establishment, there are rules. Follow them.

[1] All PE2K rules apply.
[2] Please do not overload me. I have some life to live.
[3] Do not flame or spam.
[4] Credit is not needed, but is appreciated.
[5] Please use the form. You won't get exactly what you want unless you do.
[6] No hating, complaining, or anything else that I will eat you for.
[7] I can ONLY do the proposed trainer sprites. Please do not ask me for anything else.
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