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Default Re: Typhlosion's Kind-Of-Cool Trainer Sprites!

Trainer to Edit: Rich boy sprite from B2W2 (The white suit guy)
Preferred Eye color: Blue
Preferred Hair Color: Brown
Pant Color: Jeans
Shirt Color: Long-sleeved green plaid
Bag Color: N/A
Shoe Color: Cranberry red Converse (look it up)
Etc Colors (3-5 Favorite Colors): Blue, neon green, cranberry
Preferred Pokeball (If applicable): Quick Ball
Preferred Pokemon (If applicable): Cherubi
Hat Color: N/A
Wrist Band Colors (If applicable): Blue and Black together
Scarf Color (If applicable): N/A
Sock Color (If applicable): Mustard yellow with black mustaches on them
Other: I am a fashion god. I actually wear this outfit on a regular basis.
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