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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon (Pagumon)
Location: Dayton, Ohio, Unites States
Role: True DigiDestined
Affected RPers: Popshakes, Sheepat, Obliveon

Pagumon warily watched the strange dog-like Digimon he’d never seen the likes of before as it approached Kilara and gently nudged her unconscious body. When it got no response, the Digimon moved back before abruptly DeDigivolving to a small puppy-like creature. Impmon was tense, not liking others being around his partner when she wasn’t awake to keep an eye on them, but he remained silent as he continued to lean against the young woman’s side. He could feel her breathing, deep and even, and knew she would be fine, but it was still unsettling the way she’d suddenly passed out like that.

Pagumon turned his attention to the Angemon as he and his partner were talking, his eyes narrowing a bit as the angelic Digimon gripped his weapon and explained his reasons for not being entirely comfortable with the little Digimon’s Ultimate form.

“It’s true that most Myotismon are nothing more than literal bloodthirsty savages,” the small Digimon interjected after the young human had asked if Kilara would be all right, speaking mostly to the Angemon as he faced the larger digital being but addressing his partners as well. “I know that mere words cannot convince you, but I assure you I am not like them when I’m at that level. Ever since I can remember I’ve preferred to work things out with as little violence as possible. Maybe Kilara influenced me before we met, perhaps even before I hatched from my DigiEgg. I don’t like fighting, but I will do whatever I must to protect my partner.” He then fell silent, a scowl crossing his face as his ears perked up. Impmon cocked his head, his sharp hearing also picking out the distant wail of sirens.

“Typical,” the demon mumbled. “Human emergency people always come after tha fightin’s done ‘n’ over. Suppose it’s for tha best, not much they can do without partners, but still…” He glanced at Pagumon, who nodded once and looked back at the three young DigiDestined they’d been traveling with. The partner of Gaogamon was still on his knees, but he’d fallen silent and was staring numbly into space, unresponsive to everything around him. Keith was still clutching his DigiVice like it might sprout wings and fly away; Laura, the partner of Birdramon, was currently standing off to one side as she uncertainly surveyed the damage that had been wrought during the fight.

“Laura!” the little rabbit-like Digimon called, getting the girl’s attention. She jumped, then hurried over with a concerned expression as she looked Kilara over. “Do you think you could have Birdramon carry some of us to Kilara’s house?”

“But…I hear ambulances, or something,” Laura replied. “Shouldn’t we wait? What if there are police with them? I don’t want to get into trouble for running away…”

“What we need is rest,” Pagumon answered, “not to spend countless hours in the custody of local law enforcement providing answers that will only beg more questions. There’s no information we can provide them that would do them any good. And we aren’t running; we didn’t commit any crimes and they don’t even know we’re here, let alone our identities. But we should move quickly before people start getting curious and coming out to inspect the damage.” Indeed, Impmon was already noticing curtains and drapes of nearby houses moving and shifting as the residents of them peered outside. It would only be a matter of time before they started coming outside, and their incessant demands for questions would prevent them from making a timely retreat to Kilara’s house. Laura glanced about for a moment longer, then absently nodded. She waved and Birdramon, who’d been circling above the battlefield, landed with a heavy pump of her wings.

“I’m sure Birdamon can carry you as well, if need be,” Pagumon said as he faced Angemon and the other Digimon’s young partner; Laura went over to help Keith get John situated on Birdramon. “We can make introductions and such later, but for now it would be best to leave as soon as we can. We’ve gone through this routine with the police and emergency workers several times in the past, and right now Kilara needs to be at home resting, not tossed onto some stuffed cot at a precinct and end up coming to in an unfamiliar, hostile environment.”

As he spoke, Pagumon became aware of a niggling sense of unease. He couldn’t tell if it was coming from his own awareness or if he was picking up on Impmon’s discomfit, but it really didn’t matter either way. After he finished addressing the others, he glanced at his partner, who was already looking at him with a dark expression.

“Ya feelin’ that?” the little demon asked, and Pagumon bobbed in what could be considered a nod.

“Yes, something…something in the distance…to the north,” he replied slowly, surprised that he was only just now sensing a mass of digital energy on the outskirts of the city. A shiver worked through the small Digimon’s body and Impmon cursed under his breath. “This can’t be good, but we can’t worry about it right now. None of us are in any condition to fight; all we can do at this point is rest and hope those are allies out there.” Even as he said the words, Pagumon felt a hopeless sense of worry wash over him; there was no way such a large gathering of Digimon was a group of friends. If they were, they’d most likely have arrived at the fight, or some of them at least, to help out. Casting a troubled gaze to the sky, he saw a digital field materializing and moving in their direction.


Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Digital World, South of the Eastern Shore Keep
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: CM

Shitai ignored the angry sounds the Digimon made, ignored the fear and concern of their human friends. For a moment she simply stared at her DigiVice, silently seething but showing no outward indication of her rage. The only real indication of her emotions was when her grip on the little device tightened so much that the electronic’s casing gave a loud creak. What had caused the return field to bring them so far from the Keep? Had it been tampered with by others who felt she didn’t deserve her position? Had it been coded by incompetent fools who had no idea what they were doing? Shitai didn’t know, but after a moment her anger ebbed just a bit when she realized how much she could use this to her advantage.

“I don’t know what happened…this wasn’t what I expected,” she said after a few more moments of strained silence. “I was simply trying to check something, but then…it’s almost like a digital field came out of my DigiVice. Maybe the proximity to such a large amount of digital energy caused it to malfunction…or maybe it was sabotaged by others I’ve been in the presence of.” Shitai paused after speaking, never taking her gaze off her DigiVice. Quetzalmon blinked a few times, trying to get used to the sudden return to the Digital World, but he wasn’t disoriented to the point that he didn’t realize Shitai was waiting for him to play his part. Trying not to appear too timid but terrified of doing or saying something wrong, the armored serpent raised his head a few feet and glanced around warily.

“Shitai…I don’t like this. We shouldn’t be here. What…what happened…?” He then trailed off meekly, flinching away from nothing in particular as his nervous gaze slid over the imposing and very, very unhappy forms of higher-level Digimon. He wanted to say more, wanted to complain more while it would have been appropriate, but he dared not risk something slipping and undoing his partner’s plans. If that happened…Quetzalmon shuddered at the thought. Shitai was small and didn’t have much muscle, so her kicks and slaps didn’t hurt much, but she was a General and could command bigger Digimon to hurt him if he angered her enough. He knew this from personal and extremely unpleasant experience, and it was something he would go to any length to avoid.

For what it was worth, Shitai wasn’t further irked by Quetzalmon’s display of pathetic fear. In fact, had she still been capable of such emotions, she would have been pleased with his response. It was exactly what she’d been looking for; everything from his uncertain words to his overall apprehension spoke of a Digimon who didn’t want to be where he was. The best thing was his discomfort was genuine and not at all fake, making it all the more believable. Shitai finally looked up from her DigiVice, casting her partner an impassive look before facing the girls and their growly little pets.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but this shouldn’t have happened. We shouldn’t have been brought here.” What she didn’t mention was the return field should have brought them to the courtyard of the Keep, rather than dozens of miles away from it. Instead, she put her DigiVice away and motioned aimlessly towards the Keep looming in the distance. “I don’t know how this happened, but perhaps we can find some sort of answer, or at the very least assistance, from anyone who might live in that castle. Standing here certainly isn’t getting us anywhere.”
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