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Menora wasn't sure what was going on. By how her partners were reacting, this wasn't good at all. Nero was tense and Kain continued to growl, even if it was quieter than before. She felt Mellony's grip on her tighten, and she looked back at her sister. The elder of the two knew she was frightened, so Menora was going to do whatever it took to protect her.

"Have Nix and Stiria go back to champion," she whispered to her sister. "Save your energy for later. For now I'll take care of things."

Mellony only nodded as her partners went back to their previous forms. It wasn't uncommon for Menora to have Nero and Kain fight more than Nix and Stiria, but they were usually back up. Also the two cat Digimon could not reach mega like Nero could. He was usually their ace or tank, he and Kain doing the damage when usually Mellony would have her partners ready to either back them up or be ready for a retreat. However in this situation there was no plan. They'd just have to relay on instincts and quick thinking and reactions.

For now Menora would allow Nero to stay in mega for the time being. He had power and speed, so in that form he could react quickly to any situation. Kain had the strength of a higher level Digimon, but if he went to a higher level he would lose his speed. So her partners were ready to go for anything, and she was confident that her little sister could react to anything quickly and effectively. So the older Silvanus sibling then turned back to the Quetzalmon's tamer after she looked at where the other woman pointed to.

"I'm not sure," she said, getting a bad feeling. "I've never been to this part of the Digital World. But I guess if you think we can get assistance there then it would be worth a shot. However if there is any danger there I will be getting my sister out of there and leaving you to fend for yourself."
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