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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Digital World, South of the Eastern Shore Keep
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: CM

Shitai simply shrugged at the older woman’s response that she’d leave Shitai if things got dangerous.

“We don’t know each other. I wouldn’t expect you to put your lives above someone you’ve just met,” she answered blandly. “As for danger, this is the Digital World, in the midst of a rather large war. There are going to be many Digimon seeking to capture or kill us for one reason or another. Even if it were a time of peace, though, this world is always crawling with those who seek to destroy others for their gain.”

She then fell silent, gazing off towards the Keep. Quetzalmon fidgeted beside her, peering anxiously at the other Digimon. Even though two of them had DeDigivolved, they were still outnumbered should there be any sort of trouble. Yes, he could handle an Ultimate or two, but that was different from fighting four opponents at once, especially when one could hit Mega. He tried not to stare at the BlackMetalGarurumon too much, terrified of making it angry; instead, he focused on a random pebble with an unusual amount of concentration.

Without warning, Shitai suddenly headed off towards the Keep, not bothering to check and see if the others were following. It would take a fair amount of time for them to arrive at the Keep, and she wanted to hurry and get back. Even seeing the distance between themselves and the Keep, the older woman had told the other to have her partners return to smaller forms, which meant they would have to walk instead of being carried. It might actually be for the better, though; they would most likely encounter several aggressive Digimon, and there were many who didn’t know (or simply didn’t care) who Shitai was. They would attack, Quetzalmon would fight as though a normal Champion and not reveal his full strength, and the others would be forced to waste energy battling. It would work in their favor to have the other Digimon weakened in case things turned sour for some reason.

“I am Shitai,” she suddenly called over her shoulder without breaking her stride, “and my partner is Quetzalmon. What are your names?”
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