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Default Re: would this interest anyone?

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
That's interesting, but how would you determine when a Pokemon faints?

It would be a nice topic for GID.

Fill out the proposal form there and then others will submit their ideas. c:

Anyone could make either pokemon be knocked out at any time. I guess its more of the writing part of it I'd be interested in. People could post one after another, adding to it. If someone decided they wanted to knock out a pokemon, then do it. I suppose there could be points for those who can come up with really good pieces or something. I'm just thinking of ideas.

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Well there is something like what your talking about in the general chat. Here is a link to the Who would win thread. If your looking for something more, suggesting a new game on TEs thread would be a good idea.
I enjoy reading that thread. But it would be more of a writing style game.
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