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Default [WAR XI] Voice Acting Section

Welcome to WAR XI Voice Acting!

Hello! If you’re interested in entering the Voice Acting section of this seasons WAR, then you’ve come to the right place!
Down below, you’ll find the rules and regulations that you must abide by to do well.
I won't waste any more time, so let's get to it!

--In order to submit an entry, you must be a part of a WAR team. If you're not, join one! Where’s the harm?
--You may submit only one entry per week. You can edit your entry as many times as you desire, as long as it is submitted before the deadline.
--You may submit your entry either in this thread or through PM. You can resort to PM if you’re worried about other’s taking your ideas. Don’t PM me with your entry if you’re afraid what others might think.
--All entries have to be submitted BEFORE the deadline. Otherwise, I won’t count it. A few minutes or so past it will be fine, but not several hours.
--All entries must fit the theme. If I cannot see the connection between your entry and the theme, you will have a chance to justify yourself.
--Only voice clips are acceptable. Upload it to a site in a format in which I and everyone else can listen to it. If I’m unable to play it on my computer, I will let you know to fix it.

-Entry (link):_____________
-Original story (for monologue only):_____________

--There will be three winners. First Place, 3 points, Second Place, 2 points, and Third Place, 1 point.
--Judging will be based off of these few categories...

Character (10 points) - What is the role you are speaking for (i.e.: a senior, a child, a pirate, a casual observer) and do you portray that role accurately?
Commitment (10 points) - Do you maintain the same character throughout the piece? Are you expressive with your character?
Clarity (10 points) - Quality varies between mics, this simply refers to how you speak. Unless there is a part where the character is supposed to be mumbling, your words should be audible and clear.
Creativity (10 points) - In the case of creative interpretation: did you really take that slogan and own it?
In the case of the monologue: does the story really stand out as imaginative and original?


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