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Default The URPG Times. [A LONG TIME AGO -- 16/07/12]

Credit to Buoy.

1. A word from your Editor(s).
2. Announcements and News.
3. Trading Section.
4. Comics.
5. Interview (with AIRIK).
6. Story of the Week.
7. Roleplayer of the Week.
8. Pokémon of the Week (with article).
9. Target of the Week.
10. Closing comment(s).


A word from your Editor:
by Buoy.
YO. So, it has been quite a while since the last issue of the Times, and I apologise for any inconveniences as a result -- I know there have been a few raised eyebrows here and there about the absence of this feature. Between people going AWOL and just not bothering, I've had a hard time finding people to write the articles that you hopefully read every issue. IT'S HARD. Finally, I've managed to get enough people to write things so that we can actually get back in business. So here we are. Word.

You'll notice we've skipped the Quiz this week. Go blame WebMaster. By the way, if anyone wants to become a Quiz Master, please contact me, Alaska or Gmandiddy (or all of us). It's probable you'll only do it when Web's absent, but we do need someone to write quizzes in his stead, especially since he's less active due to work.

Have fun reading through this -- maybe somewhat short -- issue of the URPG Times!


News and Announcements:
by Buoy.
(PROTIP: If you want something announced in the next issue, shoot one of the Times' Editors a PM.)

Promotions: Head Grader and Second-In-Command!
It's sad to say that we're saying goodbye to Scourge as our loveable Head Grader and Moderator, and that Phantom Kat isn't going to be acting as URPG's Second-In-Command. Thank you both for your hard work in your respective positions. With that, however, we have other people to step up to the plate and give their best just as Scourge and Kat have. A new Head Grader has been found in EmBreon, and our new Second-In-Command is We Taste Pies! Congratulations to those two!

Summer Writing Competition!
One of the bi-annual writing competitions in URPG, the Summer Writing Competition is a chance for you to show off your prowess as an author. You might even win a Legendary! Hosted by yours truly, the SWC promises to be fun, but you need to get your submissions in before the deadline, August 1st. As summer heats up, so will the competition. Do you have what it takes to be a prevailing author, or will you wilt under the pressure? Let's write!

Banner Contest!
Good with graphic art? Fantastic! Not so good? Don't worry, just give it a shot! The Banner Contest is back again for 2012, and in that thread you can design banners to your heart's content and submit them. You'll have a chance at some cool prizes (most likely), and your work could even be displayed in the various threads around URPG. If you decide to participate, good luck!

E4 Reserve VACANT!
The Jr. Trainer has left his position as E4 Reserve, and a replacement for him is needed. In this thread, you can put forward an application for the position. Before you apply, however, be aware that there are requirements for applicants, and you can't be chosen if you don't meet those. You need to own 12 Pokémon, and you must have an entire region of badges -- discounting the Orange Island league, of course.

Forum FFA!
If you haven't already, sign up for the Forum FFA taking place very soon. If you don't sign up on time, you won't be able to participate! Free-for-alls are basically massive Pokémon battles, but you must fend for yourself against everyone else. Forum FFAs tend to be larger than your usual FFA, so the challenge is very difficult.


Trading Section:
by Buoy.

Alaskapigeon is hunting for non-mart Steel-type Pokémon. She has great beauties to offer, but you'd better ask her exactly what she's willing to trade. ;>

Nitro is looking for these Pokémon:


Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! We pay 1,500 Pokédollars for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon, Buoy or Gmandiddy.

Our only submission this week is by PigeonMasta:


Interview with AIRIK:
by BlazeMaster.
Today I’m interviewing the Grass-type Dojo Leader Airik. He hasn’t been with the URPG for long but already he feels like he’s developing his battling style and soon he’ll be able to overturn his Dojo record of No wins and Two Losses.

Me: How long have you been doing URPG?

Airik: As of the date of this interview, I've been in URPG for a month.

Me: And what have your first impressions been?

Airik: I’m really enjoying it. There are a lot of really friendly and helpful people, and I like the whole set-up, from the 'mart through to the National Park, and especially the new Dojo League. I run the Grass Dojo there, by the way.

Me: Have any areas of URPG attracted you more than others?

Airik: Not really. The only thing in URPG I haven't tried yet are the Contests, but other than that, I’ve tried to have a go at everything.

Me: So you said that you run the Grass Dojo. How have you found the experience of being a Leader?

Airik: To be honest, I've lost my first two battles, but I feel I am getting to grips with the mechanics behind the URPG battling system. It's very different to Wi-Fi battling, just because Pokémon have access to their entire movepool.

Me: So, now you've got to grips with the "mechanics", do you have a particular strategy?

Airik: I'm developing one. Anyone who has battled me recently -- or watched one of my battles -- will know I’m rather fond of just trolling the opposition. Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Encore, Attract: these are all moves I like to use. Lots of battles tend to be long, drawn-out affairs with hopefully the other side getting more and more annoyed and making more mistakes.

Me: I guess that you're pretty passionate about Grass types, but are there any other Pokémon that you particularly love?

Airik: There are a few. I've always liked Eevee and its evolutions. I also like it as it's like a real world tie-in to Darwinian evolution. I also rather like Mareep, but that's mostly because my last name is Lamb and Mareep happens to be a sheep. Actually, it would probably be easier to list the ones I don't like.

Me: Could you elaborate on some of these?

Airik: Well, really, they're the gimmick Pokémon like Ditto, Smeargle, Castform, Kecleon or Shuckle. Shuckle had its gimmick in Gen II. It was able to break down Berries into Berry Juice and after a while that would turn into Rare Candy, but they did away with that from Gen III onward, and it [Shuckle] just became a bit pointless.

Me: OK, cool. What's your most memorable moment here so far in URPG?

Airik: Beating CommBA the other day. It was my first successful Gym challenge and I owe it all to my Jumpluff. It was also a turning point for me in terms of my own tactics and style of play.

Me: Wow, I'm envious of you even for beating a leader. Who do you look up to in URPG?

Airik: There are a few people I really respect. First and foremost is The Pokémaster as a fellow Grass-type fan. I can't help but really like the guy. Also, I respect Jess [Dog of Hellsing] as one of the older people about in URPG. I feel it’s important we [~Buoy note; read: OLD PEOPLE] stick together.


Story of the Week:
by Buoy.
This issue's Story of the Week goes to Smiles for her story called Between Scylla and Charybdis! A new member, this story was Smiles' first, but it's easy to see that she's already an experienced writer, and I thoroughly enjoyed her tale of Huey and Horsea in an underwater kingdom. Huey, a young man, finds himself in the aforementioned kingdom, and is soon faced with his own death or the death of his companion, Horsea. How does he react? Find out by reading the story!

Smiles, you can post in this thread to claim your 1,000!


Roleplayer of the Week:
by WinterVines.
This week's Role Player is MidnightGhost! His character, named Geoffrey Keeper, is currently on an Individual Run to the Great Lakes with his Metagross and Charizard. The run's just started, but he's already en route to capturing a Psyduck that he's battling. MG is new to the Park, but he's doing a good job so far. Curious readers check it out, and MG, you can collect your 1,000 this week.

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