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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Markus Novolos
Fire Spinner
Route 2
Training Against: FRIGGIN SPEAROW
Characters: Not counting the header or BB code, 8872. 7 Points for me.

The trek there made Markus a little pissed-specifically, what Shay said during this trip. Sure, wild Pokémon didn't attack unless provoked: Yhea, not like that in all of the history of the Pokémon Journey, it was because of either people messing in a Pokémon’s natural habitat, henceforth pissing it off, or a group of thugs, more commonly the former, that caused 90% of All trainer-based Accidents. Moreover...When they came to a stop and looked at that wall...She climbed over it. Markus himself knew it would be rather easy, but...What about the others? He took a look around, and sure enough, the barrier extended farther than anticipated, and sure enough, someone had already left the main group to attempt to circumnavigate the barrier. He wasn't entirely sure about everyone else, either.

However, he wasn't going to wait longer. While one of the trainers was talking to Shay (one of the girls, but which one wasn’t his knowing) He took a good look at the wall briefly prepping to scale it. Markus traced Shay's path, one he couldn't take, mainly because there were footholds too slim for Markus to feel secure. Shay was clearly more acrobatic than Markus, but strong outright was something more in his favor (at least it seemed that way). Markus looked to slightly to his left, and found some more favorable holds, then immediately started gripping onto them. They were sturdy, allowing for slower climbing, and albeit he had to snap a twig because it blocked one foothold, he got over with no problems. He now stood atop it, not needing much balance on the surprisingly flat surface and suppressing urges to jump on Shay's head as a dismount.

Then a Spearow, descending from the treetops above, landed on a nearby tree branch, eyeing Markus with a rather cold eye. Markus couldn't grasp what it was doing by doing that, though he jumped off the natural barrier, safe from harm.

Markus, with a different angle, then noticed the nearby nest. It was several feet away, though clearly, an Egg was resting there, and another Spearow was guarding it like it was its life. Clearly, this was a Spearow Nest. Clearly, he was closely, but Markus felt he was far enough to provoke an attack from them. He didn't attempt to lock eyes, knowing that most Pokémon were offended by simply staring at them, and locking eyes meant an instant attack from some of the more violent ones.

The Spearow was an excellent example of why the eye-lock induced violence only needs a few seconds: while Markus wasn't looking, leapt off the branch and swooped, yelling "Spearrrrrrow!" at the top of its lungs, attracting Markus back into its gaze. The Spearow was suddenly gaining rapid speed all the while, clearly attempting to Peck. Markus barely realized that it was coming for him and ducked out of the way before the Spearow came through the space his head formerly occupied, beak pointy and ready to ram itself into one of his eyes. It slowed itself and planted its feet on the ground nearby, looking violently ready to defend a nest Markus didn't even believe he came come close to, and not enough to justify why it didn't go after Shay as well.

"F***! Go Epic!" Markus yelled, throwing the PokéBall and unleashing the masculine Nidoran. It looked at its opponent: Was that really it? A common Pokémon? He faced off and won against Sabrina's well-trained and strong Mr. Mime, would this really be all? However, it WAS his first time he had battled outside of a prepared arena, and he wasn't terribly well-trained itself. Who knew what could happen?

"Focus Energy!" Markus said. The Spearow started to hover in its place, as Nidoran stared at its opponent. He looked to tense himself up, discipline his mind and body for the battle to come. As it did, he also stared upon the body of its opponent, even as it started to move towards Epic. Epic had pretty much homed in on his target's weaker spots, where the Spearow would be severely damaged should it take a hit there, before the Spearow had started to hover around his back.

Said Spearow immediately proceeded to jab at Epic's Back with its sharp beak, and boy, did it hit. It wasn't critical, but it definitely hurt more than what would be expected of a tiny Spearow-and Markus knew that, albeit Epic was strong enough to live against Sabrina's Mr. Mime, was still rather weak defensively. A combination of Dodging and skill had won him the battle, and barely. The Spearow itself didn't seem to like the blow either but Markus also knew why. When it flew away from its foe, it had a tiny cut near the right side of its beak, and a few tiny flecks of purple goo were around the wound. Epic did not take that hit well, but Markus knew that the hit had backlash for the bird-poisoning.

Epic! Peck! Markus said. Epic, still not happy about the prior injury despite the poisoning, retaliated with a dose of vengeance, and that toxic horn was a fun addition to consider for the Nidoran. He rammed into the Spearow, and albeit not striking the sweet critical spots, definitely landed home as a good blow. What was true for Epic was true for the Spearow: it wasn't expecting an attack of that power. It probably was intensified by poison flowing through its veins. However, it was still standing. The bird then decided defense was a more critical initiative at the moment. It stared down Epic, who was unsure of the tactic. The gaze continued for a few seconds, but whatever Epic saw in it clearly made him shudder a little...Leer. Really? Ugh.

"Leer straight back." Markus said. Another stare-down occurred, although, even if shaken, Epic was now throwing down the disturbing looks, and the Spearow now looked disturbed by those very looks. However, that wouldn't stop the Spearow's attack. The Spearow flew over to the Nidoran, and immediately pecked it, quickly and more careful about the poison barbs. It hit, and Epic felt more of that than before, judging from his stance. Ugh. Markus wasn't intent on capturing the Spearow...But having to use a potion later was what irked him. A healing item was important. Epic didn't look terribly hot, though. Markus decided that dodging was a critical function, no matter how much he liked attacking. Epic wasn’t a defensive powerhouse, and he didn’t want to test that.

"Epic, Peck. Finish this off." Markus said, knowing how this would probably end. Epic complied immediately, despite its pain: It ran immediately towards the poor Spearow and jabbed its horn at it. While the Spearow was spared from being stabbed thoroughly by it, it was definitely unconscious. Incapable of battle, Markus declared it a victory.

He took the sole potion he had, and vigorously sprayed Epic. He knew better than to leave his Pokémon wounded, and even he could feel the healing effects of his Pokémon: He didn't physically touch the healing spray, but the concoction clearly put Epic in a vastly better condition. "Nido Nid!" Epic went, to confirm his fully healed status. Markus returned him to his PokéBall, staring at the unconscious-and likely to die of the poisoning-Spearow. He paid it no heed: That was what COULD happen to Epic, or any Pokémon under his care, should a Pokémon Battle go terribly wrong and he not get medical attention, but he thought of this possibility already. Death was omnipresent. That was what killed trainers, what forced Trainer retirements, what caused the stacks of graves to be piled high on the Lavender Tower that he read of, not to mention Mount Pyre, a freaking mountain of corpses, quite literally. And did he mention he had seen his parents getting killed in cold blood? He had grown quite indifferent to the passing of life at this point.

Not like he could do anything. Markus left the poor Pokémon to its fate. Possibly, the poisons were too weak to kill it: Some poisons a Nidoran generated were deadlier than others, though male Nidoran generally had the more toxic concoctions. It was possible it would wake up and expel the poisons, should they be the weak variety.

He saw the poor thing slightly flinch. Maybe it was a weaker toxin? Ah, who cared.

Markus waited patiently for his fellow teammates and Max, knowing that if Shay went too far, the defensive master, (whether or not Markus approved of Max himself), would be infuriated. Considering that Shay seemed to be the most fleet-footed of the group, she could potentially outrun the DM had he not packed Flying Types (and even then, possibly she still could). He didn't bother opening his mouth: The more trouble Shay got into, the less haughty she was, and a noticeable lack of haughty-ness would make this journey a LOT easier on Markus'es temper. He wasn't explicitly PRONE to exploding, but it was easily irked on by easily irksome people. That being said, those odds were pretty much nonexistent, unless the DM was really hooked up in his self-made chaos. Served the DM right, though.

Hopefully Shay would grow out of her jerka**ery. Hopefully.
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