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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Shay Miru
Route 2
Character Length: 12,870, 5 Points

As I walked along, making sure everyone knew where we were heading, one of the other girls came up to me. Asharas waved hi as I just looked at her. She was quiet, and calling me Miss Shay just showed she was a bit shy, albeit very polite. I wasn’t sure if I liked it yet, but it wasn’t bothering me. Her Bulbasaur looked healthy too, a lot of care put into the grass Pokémon from what I should see. As we walked she informed me of native Pokémon nests and other details of the land ahead that I was not entirely aware about. Someone who knew their way around, and was informative. I appreciated the information, as Beedrill was going to be a huge problem if we ran into them. As much of an advantage Asharas had over them, they were Beedrill; aggressive and strong, especially in numbers. That’s why so many people had a habit of just outrunning them, those giant stingers of their and their Twinneedle attack wasn’t something to be messed with.

“Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind.”

I was ahead of everyone, and my hiking experience often put me just a bit ahead of everyone else, a bit too far ahead. I stopped occasionally, allowing everyone to catch up, some who had decided to tag along with me, one of them being a boy with a ghost Pokémon, walk ahead. I passed them often, but as much as I didn’t like people, I didn’t mind the tag alongs. They were quiet and didn’t bother me.

Every time I heard rusting that didn’t fall within footsteps, I turned to see where it was, Asharas doing the same from my shoulder. Somewhere towards the back, off to the side of the trail I was creating, one of the trainers who had a Machop had engaged in a battle, and from the blue I saw, it was a Nidoran. I stopped, motioning everyone else to go ahead of me a bit. Being stuck with leader position meant I had to watch everyone, though watching someone battle that I hadn’t met before was something I didn’t object to. As I watched, I noted the Machop’s ability to kick, something that didn’t seem all that powerful, but the thrust was superb. The trainer however, didn’t seem as confident as the Machop did, but I could only see so much from a distance. The battle didn’t seem to last long, and no doubt that Nidoran wasn’t too happy, but it was alone for one thing, and I only wondered why. I saw the Machop, and his trainer, looking down, probably at the very worn out and still blue poisonous rodent. I could tell what was going on, and I wasn’t one to call it weakness. Hurting wild Pokémon for some people was hard. Sometimes you couldn’t help but defend yourself. Other times it was different. I saw him fumbling around his backpack and pulled out something circular. It was then I looked away and went back to leading the pack. Some things were gonna be hard for some kids.

We walked further, myself a bit slower, letting everyone have a chance to catch up, stopping to take a quick break as I couln’t expect everyone to have the stamina I had on outdoor excursions. I spent more time outdoors than indoors, sometimes weeks at a time. No tent or anything, just myself and Asharas and usually some tree. Branches were comfortable I you knew how to lay out on them. I kept checking back, making sure everyone had successfully caught up, without delay or issue or injury. As I did a mental count, I noticed that there was someone missing. Markus. Of course, take my eyes off for one minute to watch another…I could tell Asharas was looking at me. Yes, I know, I needed to be nicer or it was bad karma. So far my tactic of moving like a Stantler herd was working, however one stray meant it was a good target. Never mind that some Pokémon didn’t like it when you so much as looked at them funny or stepped on the one favorite rock in their territory. By the time I saw Markus in the distance, I had already seen him and his Nidoran engaged in a battle with an angry Spearow.

Once again, I watched, noting how aggressive Markus battled and how much he focused on power in his Pokémon. That Spearow didn’t know what it had gotten in to, but there was one thing I knew about Spearow, there was more than one nearby, they were never alone. If we didn’t keep moving, we would have an angry flock of birds on our hands, and I didn’t know if I liked that more than angry Beedrill. I knew we were getting closer to more heavily forested areas due to the trees getting thicker, which may have given us some cover. The low overhanging branches would give us some cover in the event of a flock swarm. This was going to be like that massive flock back home that often bothered my dad’s Torterra, only smaller, and we had no giant terra transporting turtle to hide under. Instead we had trees. That was going to have to do. First, I needed to do something. By the end of what I saw from the battle, from my far distance away, that Spearow was suffering from poisoning, no doubt from Nidoran’s Poison Point ability. What bothered me was his lack of care as he went to healing Epic, and just walked away. I jumped down from my branch and looked at Asharas. If any Spearow saw that, we were in trouble. Also, I couldn’t help but feel bad for it, but I couldn’t put blame on Markus either, I didn’t see who made the first go at it, and knowing Pokémon, he probably got too close to a nest and it was the Spearow. Then again Markus seemed jumpy of everything and was all doom gloom and despair.

I walked back along my previous trail, knowing everyone would wait for me to come back. Moments later I came to see Markus’ work, or rather his Nidoran’s; the Spearow was barely standing, but alive. My impulse wanted to use my Potion on the bird, but there was two problems with that: one, I wouldn’t have anything in case Asharas got badly injured, even though I had my own ways of living off the land for medical treatments, and two, Potions were man-made, the smell of humans on the bird, and it’s flock would reject it. Asharas jumped off my shoulder, knowing exactly what I was going to do. She tried moving the Spearow so I wouldn’t have to touch the bird. At least she still smelled like a Pokémon to a Pokémon, and I probably smelled like a human, though I’d prefer to be smelling of dirt and deadfall. The Spearow tried pecking at Asharas, but I knew the shiny Charmander was fast and wouldn’t let her get nicked by that strong beak. It was tired, but it had to get back up to it’s nest, at least for my sake, I couldn’t leave it be. Asharas got it on her backside, careful not to burn it with her tail. I climbed part way up the tree, leaving enough space for Asharas to get onto my foot so I could lift her the rest of the way. I was deadly careful in not so much as brushing against the bird’s feathers. As I lifted my foot, I heard something that made me stop.


There was another one. It swooped at me but I did my best to finish what I was doing. The other Spearow was making the other one stir more and struggle, aggravated. That I didn’t need. As I moved Asharas, I could hear her trying to talk to the other Spearow to try and get it to calm down. As I was getting closer to that top branch, I grabbed Asharas in my hands and had her placed on the branch. All four claws were digging into the bark, as ginger steps brought the bird back to its self-made nest. Once it was in there, I jumped down, avoiding another swoop and having Asharas land on my head, sliding down and clinging to my backpack. I darted off away from the nest of the toxicated Spearow and made some distance between myself and the other attacking bird.

Asharas jumped off my shoulder and onto the ground, standing between me and our newest foe, trying to get the point across that we were only trying to help, and weren’t the ones who actually harmed the bird. The bird only squawked back with sharp cries. Having a heated debate with a Spearow, wasn’t something you saw every day. Never mind trying to explain ourselves to something that didn’t like humans in most cases was hard enough. This Spearow however, was different, it actually seemed to be listening, but I was wondering one thing; where was the rest of its flock?


I looked at Asharas, who looked at me, having smoke come out her nose. I knew that meant one thing, a battle. However, before I could respond, this second Spearow started swooping just above the group’s head, flying around in a somewhat, half angry manner. Asharas darted after it, climbing trees slowly but efficiently and getting it off side of the path the group was on, by jumping up off a branch and onto the ground, hitting the bird with a nice Scratch attack as it came near. As it was kept distracted, I ran over to the rest of the group, knowing we were going to have some trouble soon.

“Everyone, we need to hear under those low laying trees as cover.” I pointed to them, large pine trees where their branches practically acted as a tent underneath. I looked at…I think her name was Persephone, the girl who told me of what to look out for earlier. “I’m going to lead ahead a bit slower by climbing through the trees. There’s going to be a flock of angry Spearow coming our way since one of them felt threatened, and when those Spearow yell for help, those cries can go a mile. If you guys follow under the trees, you’re less likely to be seen and get pecked at. One of them is already here and I’m going to try and convince it to let its friends lets us through until we hit camp. Persephone, if you lead with your Bulbasaur, he should be able to find the best way underneath. You also know what directions to avoid the most so make sure we avoid that Beedrill nest you told me about earlier. Let’s get going!”

With that I let everyone get under the cover of the trees, and it was Asharas’s turn to get some support. She was rolling around and dodging blow after blow, and when I whistled to her, and began climbing up another tree, and I followed by climbing up the one next to it. The trees were close together, making it easier for me to climb through them, however not without some scratches. The Spearow followed, diving at Asharas who was using the branches to her advantage since Spearow had to aim carefully to get her, without knocking her head into the branch. I sat on one branch and watched, looking down to see where everyone else was and making sure they could somewhat see me, taking my sweater off in the meantime and shoving it in my backpack. As my Charmander leapt down to another branch that gave her better footing, the Spearow dove at her quickly, a bit more quickly than I would have expected, sending her off course and into another branch. She fell a bit, her stomach landing on a thicker limb and she regained a solid hold. Regaining her composure, she saw the bird coming in for a second run, however Asharas wasn’t one to be fooled twice.

“You know what to do Asharas.”

Half the time I didn’t even need to command Asharas, she knew how to effectively battle on her own. We had been together for a long time, and that’s what made us a difficult pair to beat. As the Spearow dove in for another Peck attack Asharas waited, and jumped high enough for the bird to pass under her, turning in the air and hitting the back of the bird with another Scratch attack. It hit her hard, sending her into a branch below but she recovered quickly. Asharas landed on the branch again, almost slipping, but got her claws in the bark firmly, moving to another tree while the Spearow recovered. That left me to move ahead, knowing that we still needed to move along with the group. The benefit of having to rely on the branches for support was that the Spearow had to be pin point with attacks or it was going to hit something and hurt itself. As the three of us continued forward, I could see brown points off in the distance, meaning we didn’t have a lot of time. Asharas was ready with another Scratch attack, however the Spearow was smart, dropping a Sand Attack by carrying dirt into the air and into my Charmander’s face. She coughed, losing her balance on the end of her branch and being unable to see clearly, but enough to grab onto the end of a flexible one below her. That was her claws and grip holding on though, she wasn’t sure how high she was from the ground, and it was only to have the Spearow, from what I could see, diving down at her. At the rate she was going, she wasn’t going to be able to see enough to aim an Ember at.

Then I had an idea.

“Asharas let go!”

She wasn’t sure why, I could tell, however when I did tell her to do something, she would do it. She let go of the branch, falling into a wide one of needles and green, as the Spearow came down…face first into the recoiling branch. The force sent her off a bit, back into the air with a few turns, the sting from the whipping branch clear on what I saw of her expression. I could tell from the wing flaps, the bird was getting tired, and if my plan was going to work, I was going to have to capture the bird. With that, we needed one more attack.

“Asharas, clear your eyes and give it some fire.”

Asharas rubbed her eyes, blinking, trying to get a good eye on the bird, who was still fumbling a bit, but ready for one last go. With my Charmander, trying to keep a clear tracking eye on the bird, and the Spearow, ready for one last attack, Asharas waited for the right moment, and once the Spearow was clear above her head, she opened her maw, letting out a barrage of orange and red, flaming orbs that battered against the Spearow’s feathers, sending her back up into the sky with a bit of smoke. As the bird peaked in height, I noticed it started to fall, and in that moment, a Pokeball ready in hand, I tossed it hard, hitting the bird with skill as it was enveloped in a red light, swallowed by the capturing tool and falling towards the ground. I jumped to the next branch, catching the ball in my hand before it could hit the ground, Asharas clinging to my ankle as to not fall. The orb wiggled in the palm of my hand as my fingers made sure it would not fall from my hands.

As I let it wiggle, I closed my eyes and breathed out. It felt like a long time, but suddenly I felt it go still in my hands. I looked at it, and knew, that I had captured the Spearow. I felt tiny claws digging into the back of my shirt as Asharas looked over my shoulder, at the Pokeball. I thought for a moment, and immediately threw it into the air.

“Fly, Era!”

As the ball released a white light, the Spearow, now named Era, had appeared, somewhat tired and woozy from being pummelled with that last ember attack. Her wings were tired, and she looked around, seeing me, and Asharas, in the tree, confused for a bit, until her eyes looked at the Pokeball. It didn’t take long for her to put two and two together, as she cawed out at me. There was a glint in her eye, something told me, she was a bit happy about it.

“You…saw me help your friend out before…and you swooping in on the other humans…” I was talking to her, yes.


“I get it…you’re unusual. Now, since you’re stuck with me, Era, can you try to keep your flock from pecking us alive?”

The look on her face wasn’t too pleasant looking. She cawed again, resting on a branch.

“That’s…not your flock is it.”

The bird shook her head back and forth.

“Great. This is your forest; can you show us a way out near the Viridian forest? We need a place to rest that’s safe for the night.”

The bird nodded, fluttering forward, using branches to land on as she hopped ahead, and sparing what energy she could. I jumped down, letting Asharas follow in the grass. I found my way back to the group, ducking under the foliage of the mass of trees. I had some nicks and scratches all over my arms, but I didn’t mind them, it was nothing compared to what I had gotten in the past.

I turned to everyone, pointing at Era. “Okay everyone, follow that particular Spearow, or we’re all going to be severely pecked by an angry flock.”


Era, the female Spearow Captured
-8 Points
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576
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