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Default Weather Wars: The Tyranosaur Strikes Back

Tyranitar is as much as it's aspthetically scary as it is monstrously terrifying in battle, with out a doupt tyranitar is the best weather starter, he is at the top of his game and despite the introduction of more counters in fighting types tyranitar has never been so buffed. Tyranitar has an insane movepool and insane stats to back it up, it may be a little on the slow side but it hits the magic number that lets it outspeed slow bulky threats and faster threats with a scarf or a dd. His move pool is insane and his offensive typing and move pool allow him to hit hard physically and even specially, tyranitar pretty much has it all. Great stats great move pool cositing of moves such as bolt beam fire blast stealth rock crunch and even sr, tyranitar is the definition of bulky offensive and the definition of diversitity, choice band scarf lead, life orb, dragon dance mixed sub punch, the sky is the limits. Any negatives about this guy? There is none! The fact tyranitar has so many weaknesses to common attacking types is actually a blessing as it's the only thing stopping this monster from becoming uber, in truth tyranitar is the one pokemon that game freak got right, the slender balance of tyranitar allows him to fill so many roles effectivly with out being overpowered in truth he is prefect in a balanced kind of a way, well he would have liked sheer force as an ability from dw to ditch sandstorm and attack special or boost crunch but we all can't be perfect.
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