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Default Re: When and why do you use correct grammar/spelling online?

I use it because I enjoy the way it looks. It's clean and easy to understand (unless I write a run-on sentence,creating an excess amount of commas, which I do often). Though I'm not a "verb-noun agreement" type of Grammar Nazi, I do correct punctuation and things in the like. I'm also a pretty shiet speller, which I why I hardly Skype with people (my Skype doesn't have spellchecker). P;

I only use incorrect grammar when it'll add to the tone/atmosphere/humor of what I'm trying to say, or if I'm trying to be cute. Like, sometimes when I'm talking to my boyfriend, I'll say,"I on compuuder, sowwy I responding slow. :c" or something.

Ironic how I hate it when people use the incorrect form of their/there/they're, but I love Dolan.
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