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Default Re: Hey

Welcome to PE2K Chrissy! c:

I go by Typhlosion Explosion, but I also go by TE, Ty, Typhlo, Typhlosion, Typhlo Explo, or just simply, Corey. :3

I guess we're nice and sweet! We're like, the only non-rude forum out there. XD The mods are cool here. XD

As minty said, we do have ASB and URPG, but we also have some cool other forum activities. We have Pokemon Online League (POL), Pokemon Wi-Fi League (WFL), which are both hidden and in development for the time being. Other cool things we have include Virtual Pokemon Pets (VPPs) which are exactly what the name states!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other mod around. Minty is also a great help, so ask her too! c: Hope you enjoy it here!
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