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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Originally Posted by LS the Door Mat View Post
You do know that they have to stay in prison for life where they have no freedom or control of there lives...

And the taxpayers are paying for all those who are jailed, not specifically those who deserve capital punishment.xd

and there's many organizations that are helping homeless people and those in need so dont worry about that.
what do you think the lifespan of a homeless person who has committed no crime is compared to a person who is given a life sentence? How do you think the federal/state government spends on helping the homeless compared to keeping men in jail for murder?

How can I not be worried.

Laws were put in place for a reason, if someone breaks that law they should be subject to the full extent of it.

When I was younger I say a documentary on s Singapore. The documentary talked about the extreme measures that Singapore goes through in dealing with crime. They have a term for how rough it is there called “Singapore Justice" at first I found it funny until I realized that this term is a crime deterrent by itself. Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole world. There is no system to be pushed through, there is only a direct punishment for a crime. When people know there is no way around getting punished they are less likely to break to the law.

"As evidenced by Singapore’s low crime rate, simply having a “law-bide or die” stance, backed up through examples, may be the most efficient and cheapest known way to prevent capital crimes." That quote best describes what I was talking about.

This is just one example of why true Capital Punishment works.

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