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Default Re: [WAR XI] URPG Section: Week 4

4v4, BW Revo
Helds On
No Weather
Normal Terrain
Frz/Slp/OHKO/Acc/Eva Clauses
Synergy Rule

SLC04 of NSSF vs. PokeViper of PL
Politoed, Kingdra, Ludicolo, Feraligatr vs. Frosslass, Jynx, Slowking, Lapras

Really close battle. Frosslass did some Trickery, managing to give Politoed a Flame Orb that nearly killed it, Ludicolo Poli's Choice Specs and managing to snag a Leftovers for itself in the process. Kingdra set up, but was taken out. Then Lapras set up and was taken out. They exchanged, mon for mon, before it came down to Frosslass and Feraligatr, both at half health. Sheer Force + Life Orb gave Gatr just the edge it needed to pull back from near defeat.

PokeViper loses and gets $2,000
SLC04 wins (with a Monotype) and gets $4,000
I should get $4,000 for reffing

Unpaid WAR Wages: $4,000

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