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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Both Ichiru and Kiseki were shaken awake the next morning, Kiseki taking a little longer to wake up than Ichiru, although both of them arrived downstairs at the same time as Kotomi and Ashley were waking Aiden and Damon.

"It's seven in the damn morning!" Damon was complaining as the twins walked into the living room, hearing Aiden give a groan from across the room, although he didn’t say anything.

"Jeremy is alive you idiot! Get up!" Ashley said as she gave Damon a kick in the hip, Aiden sitting up almost simultaneously with the dark haired Vampire. Across the room, Ichiru and Kiseki looked equally as shocked at Ashley’s words, neither of them having caught anything about it beforehand.

"What are you talking about?"

"He was wearing his ring when he died last night from a Supernatural death, which means that he's either already alive in the morgue or he's going to be alive very soon. Either way we have to go get him." Bonnie explained to the confused Vampire.

"Did Kenny have a ring too?" Caroline asked, a hint of hope in her voice.

"Jeremy and I thought that Kenny was too young for one..." Bonnie responded as she looked down, silence falling over the group afterward. However, all eyes shifted to the front door as it suddenly opened, Diana stepping into the room.

"You guys are up early."

"Your father is alive." Bonnie said as she walked over to her daughter.


"He was wearing his ring last night, so he'll be coming back to life." Bonnie explained. Tears instantly began to run down Diana’s face, although she quickly wiped them away shortly after, asking the question that was probably on everyone else’s mind as well.

"What about Kenny?"

"He didn't have a ring... Kenny won't be coming back." Bonnie responded with sorrow.

"But you can bring him back with a spell." Diana pointed out.

"I can't." Bonnie said with a shake of her head. "The spirits won't allow it since that would be throwing off the balance of nature."

"Screw the balance of nature! He was just a child!" Diana blurted out in anger.

"There's nothing we can do, Diana. All we can do now is get Jeremy home and compel all of the people who saw him dead." Bonnie answered. The young Witch burst into tears, bringing Damon to quickly rise from his place on the couch and hurry to her side, wrapping his arms around her and running his fingers through her hair. A heavy silence fell over the group for a few seconds before Damon suddenly looked to Stefan.

"Take my place. I need to talk to Bonnie and Aiden." He said, bringing confusion to take the place of sorrow on Aiden’s face as he looked at him. "Outside." Damon looked from Bonnie to Aiden, motioning for them to follow. The confusion didn’t leave Aiden’s face, but he rose from the couch regardless and followed the two outside. Once they were all outside, Damon looked at them and spoke again. "She needs to be compelled."

"Are you crazy? If she ever found out..."

"Just look at her Bonnie! She can't handle this!" Damon cut Bonnie off, and Aiden remained quiet, simply looking at him in shock. He had never really compelled anyone before except for situations where it was mandatory. Although he had never thought about the act of compelling someone and thus didn’t have a strong opinion of it like the others, it still felt that it was a little wrong to compel a friend. However, this would be for her benefit… she was suffering, after all.

"I would do it myself but I'm not able to compel her since she's a Witch." Damon’s words snapped Aiden back to reality, the red haired Vampire looking up at him as he turned to him. "Since you're an Original then you're able to compel her."

"Are you sure this is a good idea? What if she finds out?" Bonnie voice Aiden’s concern as Damon turned back to her.

"The only way that she'll find out is if someone tells her or if she becomes a Vampire." He responded. Silence fell over them for a few moments as Bonnie appeared to be lost in though, finally speaking again.

"I know that she must had told Mason everything so I'll have a talk with him."

"When was the last time she had Vervain?" Damon asked.

"A little bit last night. It's out of her system by now." Bonnie responded.

"Okay good." Damon then turned back to Aiden. "Will you do this for us, Aiden? Right now? She needs to be compelled that she never had a little brother and that Jeremy is going to be coming back alive..."

Aiden hesitated, still not sure of whether or not to do it. But, like he had thought before, Diana was suffering right now and compulsion seemed to be the only way to make it better. He felt bad that he had to do it, but it wasn’t like he was committing a crime, right?

“I’ll do it.” Finally, he responded, looking up to Damon. A slight smile came onto his face as he continued with a joke. “But if she finds out, I’m not taking the blame.”
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