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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio
Affected: DoH

Angle looked at the Pagumon, as it spoke its excuse of not being evil. The Digimon had been quite brave in the battle, and he seemed nice enough, but so had that one monster in California...

There it was. Angle's friend from so long ago, his closest pal in the Digital World. It was huge, easily the size of a three-story house. Two faces, one where the head was and one in the abdomen smiled down at the MagnaAngemon. Two great claws swung back and forth, smashing into the lifeguard's tower. It collapsed, a dull thud being heard as it fell into the sand. There was no sign of the lifeguard.

Lexin looked at the monster, no fear on his face. But Angle knew what this species, the Beast, could do. The young Virtik took out his digivice, and a stream of light engulfed Angle, digivolving him into his most powerful form.

“He was your friend, right?” Lexin said to the newly evolved Seraphimon, “What are his weaknesses?”

Memories stirred within the angel's memories, calling themselves up, from so long ago. Of a Pagumon laughing away with a Tokomon, at a strange joke. Of the two digivolving at the same time, finally, after three years of their shared existence. At the cruise liner, and his old friend appearing, a Devimon. Of Angle finally turning into an Angemon, blasting his friend into oblivion.

And of the memory of his friend reappearing, newly revived as a Myotismon, torturing a ten-year old, of a huge battle that leveled a small village in Colorado, and the many skirmishes.

And finally, here. The Beast. The time had come. Angle's friend had to die, his old friend, and his darkest enemy.

“He has no weakness, it appears,” Angle finally replied to Lexin, “He used to have glaring mistakes in his program, but each battle we fought against him he got better. This might be our last hurrah.”

“This is no time for hurrahs,” Lexin replied, “Let's see what he can do. Unleash a Seven Heavens.”


The Angemon looked at Lexin once more, smiling.

“It's nothing,” Angle said, quickly. Lexin just looked at his partner, but eventually cut off the gaze, looking at a girl calling to a Birdramon.

“We're going to be flying to this girl's house here,” Lexin said, “Can you fly?”

“Yeah,” Angle replied, “I'll have to devolve back into a Patamon after, though. You'll have to rely on Terry for a little while.”

Lexin looked at the small Gummymon, who was yawning, about to drift off into a sleep. They needed to find that egg soon, if Terry were to properly fight. That little skirmish had been hard on his second partner. They would find it eventually, that egg.

But for now, they needed a rest. To go to this girl Kilara's house.
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