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Default Re: When did you get your first shiny ?

I thankfully got the guide on Emerald, so I knew the existance of Shiny Pokemon, but I really thought the guide was a phony...Until, outside of the Gyarados in Silver (didn't even catch that one), I found a Green Zubat in Mount Moon. I tensed up and all when I first saw it, but really, I was quite confused, like "...OK, this is Probably something important, but I'm not sure what." My Pokemon were well stronger than that Zubat, but fortunatley, I sucessfully weakened it and caught it. I traded it over to someone else, for what, I don't remember.

There are several others, but that was the first Shiny. That I remember, anyways. There was probably one in Silver other than the Gyarados, but I probaby knocked it out. If it even existed.
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