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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake | Impmon (IceDevimon) | DemiDevimon (Myotismon)
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Pagumon felt the Angemon looking at him and lowered his gaze to the holy Digimon; even though he couldn’t see the other’s eyes thanks to his mask, he made a guess at where they were be and didn’t let his focus wander. If the angel thought he was dangerous, there was nothing Pagumon could do to change his mind at the moment. Maybe if they stayed together long enough the Angemon would have a chance to see that not all Digimon of a certain species were the same.

When the taller Digimon remained silent for a few moments, Pagumon decided he must be lost in one thought or another. He finally turned from the other as Laura and Keith came over to fetch Kilara. After a bit of shifting they managed to heft the unconscious woman up and carry her to where Birdramon was waiting. It took a fair amount of doing for them to get her securely placed on the giant aviary’s back, at which point Pagumon looked over at the small puppy-like Digimon.

“If you want to come with us then hop on Birdramon,” he told it. He and Impmon then made their way over to the towering bird, positioning themselves against Kilara’s side. Once everyone was situated, Laura thumped her partner between the wings. With a shriek, Birdramon unfurled her wings and gave them a few heavy pumps. On the third down-stroke the ground suddenly fell away as they shot into the air; Birdramon circled a few times to get herself oriented, then leveled off in the direction of Kilara’s house.

The digital field fell away behind them as they flew in silence, the only sound that of the wind rushing by them and Birdramon’s large wings beating up and down. It gave Pagumon time to think, but the only things he could focus on were those that troubled him. The digital field itself, Gaogamon and Monochromon’s deaths, the mass of digital energy in the distance…but more than that, he was bothered by Angemon’s attitude towards him. Not the fact that the angel didn’t trust him, that hardly mattered; more than that was the fact that, in his years of life, he’d never once been able to achieve his Mega level. He didn’t even know what he in particular would become, but maybe…maybe he couldn’t Digivolve to Mega because deep down he DID know what he’d become, and it would be a monster. Perhaps instinctively, he refused to become something like that. Something like what Beelzemon had been before joining them, something that could hurt Kilara.

He was roused from his dark musings by a gentle poke in his side. Blinking in surprise, he shifted and saw a concerned Impmon peering at him.

“Wassa matter, brother?” the demon asked in a soft voice, not wanting to alert Laura and Keith to their discussion. “Ya got some pretty heavy vibes comin’ off ya.”

“Sorry,” Pagumon replied with a faint sigh. “Getting too focused on all the bad things going lately. Seems we can’t catch a break.”

“I know what ya mean,” Impmon replied. He fell silent for a moment, the added, “D’ya think it was a good idea ta have that angel come with us? I don’t like how he acted…makes me nervous. Who’s ta say he ain’t gonna end up bashin’ our heads in just fer bein’ what we are?”

“Don’t be so paranoid,” Pagumon replied with a faint smile. “I doubt he’d do anything as rash as attacking us without us giving a good reason first. His presence isn’t exactly the most comforting, I’ll admit, but that doesn’t count as a good reason to try and wipe him out, does it?”

“I know, I know, but how do we know he’s gonna feel tha same way? I can tolerate ‘im fine, no problem, but how can we trust ‘im to tolerate us?”

“Keep that worrying up and you’re only going to see danger where there is none,” Pagumon replied. “Relax. Everything will be fine. At the very least he’s on our side and not Anarcomon’s.”

The two fell silent after that, and in short time Kilara’s house came into view. Another seven or eight minutes saw Birdramon landing; as soon as everyone had gotten off, the Digimon was engulfed in a sphere of data that reverted her back to Biyomon. The pink bird tottered a little before steadying herself, giving a little laugh at Laura’s worried expression.

“I’m fine, let’s just get Kilara to her bed without bothering her parents.”

Such a task was relatively easy, as Kilara lived in a ranch house. There was an extra key hidden in a hinged doorbell, which Laura used to unlock the door, and then she and Keith carried Kilara through the doorway. The older woman’s bedroom was a straight shot down the hall and to the left, so it didn’t take long to get her into her bed. Laura dealt with taking off her shoes and getting her under the covers before going back out to help being John inside. He was set in a chair across from Kilara’s bed. Laura and Keith themselves fell into a futon that acted as a guest bed. Everyone was exhausted after the battle, but only really realized just how drained they were after the adrenaline had fully left their systems.

Pagumon settled by Kilara on the bed, with Impmon sitting on a pillow near their partner’s head. By her breathing it seemed she was now asleep instead of unconscious, and it was only a few more minutes before Pagumon himself was asleep as well. Impmon stared at the sleeping Digimon for a moment before shifting uncomfortably, not entirely liking just sitting here in the presence of strangers. Allies or no, he preferred remaining in the shadows, quiet and unnoticed so he could spot potential threats easier. There was little need for it here, but instinct was hard to fight.

“So, uh…I guess maybe we oughta introduce ourselves, then…? Or it could wait, ya know, I’m fine either way, really,” he said after a moment, shrugging uncertainly and trying to avoid the desire to slip under the bed.
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