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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

He gave a tiny sneer, trying not to lose his cool, and turned to Derino. The lavender pokémon was searching back and forth, still unsure where to anticipate a break in the rock. The krinar found it marginally agitating, as he wasn’t doing anything to help, and shook his head brusquely. He tried not to focus on it as he turned his attention back to the wall and released a cry, not caring that he hadn’t bothered to charge up as he dealt a focus punch.

He was not expecting a sudden head to emerge from underneath him, feeling an instant pain as it rammed into him, accompanied by rocks and dirt. He stumbled away, collapsing with the temporary surprise. “What the—?!” he started to say, but his own shock cut him off. The kirlia noticed, darting to the spot where the krinar had been standing before the pokémon who had attacked disappeared down a tiny opening. Some of the dirt caved into the hole and covered part of it up.

Tarla watched from above, suddenly shocked, and quickly flew down from her perch, approaching Etire as Rentana did so as well. “Etire?” the kirlia asked with interest. The pokémon moaned and sat up, giving his head a quick shake as he got to his feet. He blinked a few time and looked around, expecting to see some kind of large opponent, even if what had struck him was little.

“Where is it?” he demanded, and Rentana looked at him with curiosity. Her tender expression clearly opposed the ruggedness of her mate, and she gave the shadow of a smile, which was accompanied by a layer of concern.

“It was a diglett,” she told him, and he furrowed his brow, wondering how something so tiny could have knocked him off his feet. “Are you injured?” she asked softly, and he gave an appreciative smile, shaking his head slowly.

“It’ll wear off,” he reassured, and moved past her toward the small hole. “I didn’t know the ground was even soft enough to dig through.” He kicked the side of the hole with his foot, expecting part to crumble off, but it hardly seemed to budge. He gave it a frown and snorted, uninterested.

Tarla, although just to herself, uttered a few chuckles. “A diglett.”

The three of them turned as they heard solid marching and saw Derino approaching the opening in the earth. He glared down at it with disapproval, even if he didn’t yet know what it was he was disapproving, and his heavy brow clouded his face with a pretty stiff frown. “What is going on here?” He could clearly see the hole, but apparently was not making the connection between it and the marginally injured state of his fellow colony member.

“There was an attack,” Rentana pointed out quite seriously, and the others looked to Derino.

He drew back, interlacing his arms and peering down before angling his torso forward to inspect the hole. In response, another diglett emerged from the hole with blinding speed and head-butted his chin, startling him backward and causing him to topple to the ground with the force. The mole-like pokémon ducked into the hole again and they heard distant dirt excavation until it faded.

The three stood completely still, unsure what to make of the situation. Tarla took to the sky, fluttering up to her cliff perch to peer down and inspect the area.

“Be...very...careful,” Etire warned, and although Derino shot up defiantly, the kirlia began to move slowly, her form graceful even when trying to avoid danger. She held her mate’s eyes for a time, unblinking as they waited for something to happen. It was true that it was only diglett they were facing, but the surprise of the attacks was the main thing.

After a good five minutes of no activity from below, the three on ground were somewhat sure that there were no other pokémon around who planned to attack. Etire was quite confident that he could break the wall now, with the intruders out the way, and began to focus once again. The others relaxed and Derino went back to what he was doing, the kirlia simply watching as she had before.

Etire aimed at the wall and smashed his fists into it again, creating a larger ditch this time. He smiled at the effect and regretted the effort the attack took; when he again thought of how thick Tarla said the wall was, he cringed. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep his attacks up, and the reminder that such a big effort had only created a tiny mark was not at all comforting.

Focusing once more, he aimed to increase his form by tensing his muscles, feeling the strain in his arms and legs as he contracted them as tightly as he possibly could. He imagined muscle inflation, and his thoughts became somewhat of a reality as he released, feeling stronger and more solid. He had always liked bulk up for the very reason that it was easy to use and didn’t require much energy.

Drawing his attention to the wall before him, he resorted to using an attack that he thought he may not have had to use. It was not comforting to know that his fighting abilities outside of actual battling moves were not very strong; he was supposed to be a fighting type, and his training was not light. He was always striving to be better and hated when obstructions such as the wall of rock before him prevented his growth.

Exhaling to empty his lungs, he kept himself breathless for a number of seconds, feeling the weight of his belly as he plugged his airflow. Suddenly he released, opening his eyes and breathing swiftly in, and then launched himself forward, leaping for added momentum and drawing back his right arm before slinging it into the rock. The effect was grand; a large split appeared in the rock, spanning out in multiple directions and continued to increase. The section before him, at least as tall and wide as his body, crumbled and detached from the wall around it, tumbling sadly from a previous habitat to make way for whoever had removed it. Etire smiled proudly and watched as other sections of the wall gave way, if only a little bit. He cradled his right wrist in his left hand, waiting for the pulsing to stop before he recomposed himself and went for another bulk up attack.

Rentana, standing back from her mate and somewhere near the hole, watched with concern. She knew that the reason the diglett appeared was because he was destroying the wall, which she was less than comfortable with. As she watched, she noticed that her mate had looked to grow even stronger upon boosting his confidence and physical strength, and she curled her bottom and top lips into her mouth, holding them against themselves with her teeth. She began to flick to the opening in the ground, expecting another diglett to appear from the ground and attack again, and when a significant time had passed and none came, she didn’t know what to think. However, she did know that she had to warn the krinar about his destruction and the results that may come, and she decided now was the perfect time.

She darted forward in a leaping fashion. “Etire,” she began, catching his attention while he had his eyes closed.
He took a moment to reply with, “Yes, my sweet?”

She ignored his use of a pet name. “I think the diglett appeared because their wall was being threatened.”

The krinar opened his eyes and looked at her, putting aside any previous focus he had gathered. “Nonsense. They were probably just playing around.” He rolled a shoulder in its joint and cracked his neck to one side. “What would they want with an ol’ wall, anyway?” he asked sceptically, gesturing to its massive expanse as he shrugged.

“It’s part of their territory,” she reminded him, and he seemed to consider her statement for a mere moment before dismissing it with a noise and a bat of his hand.

“Ehh, they won’t miss it.” He looked back to it, a small chuckle starting up in his chest. “Heh, what, so they live inside the wall or something?” Rentana gave an unimpressed cringe as her mate neared the wall and harnessed his cockiness, tapping his clawed hand against the rock. “Hey! Anybody home?” When nothing happened, he gave a dirty grin and his mate inclined her neck a little, preserving dignity as she watched his childishness. He shrugged off her reaction and turned back to the wall, knocking again. “I can’t hea—”

Part of the rock inexplicably extended forward and collided with the krinar’s jaw. The psychic and fighting pokémon was thrust backward, stumbling over his feet and colliding with the ground in no time. Rentana watched, shocked, as did Tarla. The latter took longer to realise what was happening after she pulled her head from her wing while preening.

“What just happened?!” demanded the altaria with minor urgency, inspecting the scene briefly before part of the wall dislodged and crashed to the ground in a solid thump. The chunk that had supposedly “punched” the krinar was differently coloured to the rest of the rock; in contrast to an ecru, russet and copper, it was a darker shade of grey. The sight of a moving rock surprised her to the point of confusion before she realised that it was a pokémon—a geodude.

Giving them no time to think, the wall from Derino’s side suddenly caved after muffled roars, and he turned with a surprised grunt to find rock spraying in multiple directions, bouncing off the channel walls and some striking his body. Rentana calculated their range and twirled out the way of each one that managed to reach her, and in their wake was a number of thundering pokémon the colour of the geodude all trampling their way down the path with recklessness that clearly conveyed their rage.

Tarla’s eyes widened instantly and she whipped her head to Etire, her eyes sharp as he watched on.

“What have you done?!”

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