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Default Re: You can use 1 pokemon attack! which one is it

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Might be terrible if your one move was Explosion or Self Destruct...
You've predicted my first thought upon noticing the thread. Better Explosion than Perish Song, in my opinion.

Explosion would be hilarious. It's not like it actually harms the user seriously, it just consumes so much energy that they pass out for a while.

Mind Reader would be really useful, and probably my choice. If we are to assume that other people all have abilities as well, I might take Copycat instead. That way I could switch things up occasionally but avoid the risk associated with Metronome.

Some other funny suggestions:
Present (give random gifts to friends, hope they don't explode)
Covet (the art of a skillful moocher)
Heal Order (cover yourself in bees to recover from wounds)
Head Smash (ouch)
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