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Default Re: Trading Depot [For All Your Small Trading Needs!]

5th Generation Trade Request

In Game Name: Katsumi
Friend Code: 2236 9182 2361
Contact by: PM or e-mail (

Pokemon/Item Want: #1 Scyther/Scizor
Gender: Either (Thorax size isn't a big issue, lol.)
Nickname: Rok Paypor (?)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Technician
IVs: The higher the better, but I'm not too picky.
EVs: Preferably none (Going for 252HP / 100Atk / 154SpDef spread, so nothing that interferes)
Moves: Roost (4th gen TM)

Pokemon/Item Want: #2 Hippopotas/Hippowdon
Gender: Either (I prefer the male's colouring though, so that would be nice)
Nickname: Arjuna (male) or Vijayanta (female)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Sand Stream
IVs: Looking for decent health and defenses, but not required.
EVs: None please (252HP / 4Def / 252SpD is what I'm aiming for once trained)
Moves: Slack Off (egg move) and Stealth Rock (4th gen TM)

I don't care if you use a hacked TM to train stealth rock or roost onto the beasties, but I would certainly like the actual pocket monster not to be hacked. If it is, I do not want to find out about it. Anything you receive from me will be legitimate.
(Unless you want a shiny Pidgeot that explodes? I'm not sure if you can even trade cheap hacks like that over the GTS...)

Pokemon/Item offered:
I understand my requests are awfully specific, so I'd hope to make it worthwhile for anyone who can come through. Any starter/fossil, some legendaries (Kyurem, Ho-oh, Lugia, Three Musketeers), some leftover pokemon from breeding, small selection of Dream World critters. I'd be happy to give a master ball or leftovers, if you're interested in one of those items instead.
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