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Default Re: [WAR XI] Graphic Art

I'm getting this in before I lose internet and can't get it in...

Title: Dragon's Moon
Team: GUN
Sources and Credits:

Background images comprised of:

Link to Entry: Here

Notes from Artist:
Okay so I added some effects to the renders...because Giratina looked so freakin' cool like that. Also if you notice in the words, certain letters are highlighted to create 'dragon' and you're probably wondering "Hey, that doesn't work with the other side, it's backwards!". That is because I used the ending letter instead of the first, so it's a bit backwards. That's how my phrase would fit... >> Anyway I added something to the sides because it looked a bit plain...hence where the other guys come in. I didn't want them to distract too much from the center piece, so made them intp phantomy things. Also, yes, that moon Giratina is on, is two seperate ones put together. That was a bugger of something to do since the images were two seperate sizes... ><
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