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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

This is probably not a very popular opinion, but I personally believe that legally hacked Pokemon should not be allowed in any Wi-Fi battles or competitions at all. It's not a fair playing field unless EVERYONE has access to their own AR and perfect Pokemon, which is not possible. I'm also against RNG abuse because it is not how the game is supposed to work and again, gives some people unfair advantages. Sadly, even official Nintendo events like the Video Game Championships are full of "legal" hacks and I think it really sucks that someone could spend months making a team when someone else can do it in 5 minutes and end up with even better Pokemon that the person who put in all the effort (So it's not just saving time, it's also giving an advantage). If you want to create a Pokemon with minimal effort just for battling, why don't you just use Pokemon Online? That's exactly what it's for! And it's much quicker and easier than Wi-Fi since you can set your own rules.

I'm not a fan of competitive battling anyway because I think it has meant a lot of the fanbase, who had dreamed about a way to battle Pokemon with people around the world for years, are excluded from enjoying battling if they don't want to get into EV/IV training/breeding. And I think using legal hacks is just another level on top of that, which adds to that problem. I know it's accepted in the competitive battling community, but I personally don't think that's how the game should be played. And so the WFL was born... xD
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