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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

Sarah it sounds like your problem is that AR/RNG create an unfair environment. There are unfair advantages in every competition, weather it be bigger cities having schools with more students there for having more options for there student teams, or teams with larger budgets to pay better athletes and get better equipment. It shouldnt be looked at like that, because while its time consuming any person who really wants to competitive battle will find a way to go through the steps so they can do it. I have known a lot of great battlers who do thier own chain breeding and Iv breeding and they are very very proud of what they have done. They continue to do it because thats what they prefer.

As far as the battling itself, the general Idea is that people just want to battle, how they got the pokemon doesnt really matter, its what they do in the battle that counts. The strategy is what most people look at. Thats why Wifi is like Po these days.

Last but not least, when I started my clan back in 08 it was the first clan around that said no to Pokesav pokemon. I got a lot of crap from other clans and in wars about this..Its not until right before i became a mod that I really started to look at the issue from both sides. As the mod of the section I had to open up more to the idea that sav'd pokemon are just like everything else as long as they stats and evs were legit.

Also the internet is packed with places to casual battle :) plus you created a haven for the casual battlers !

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