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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

The reason why most competive battlers allow Ar is because it's look at as more of a time saver, you can do something in a week within 12 seconds and as judge has pointed out time and time again it's the stratigy that counts and in an eviroment where people tries anything to win people too busy to rng would be left in the dust if not for AR, and quite frankly in an ideal word everyone should have an AR and for people who say it's not fair i don't have one, i say save up and get one it's worth the money to save time and it really costs next to nothing to get an ar these days, to such an extent i have a spare one for emergencies. Point being Ar is not really cheating if your just using it legally, so long as your using pokemon that can exist the bulk of competive battlers don't care if your using AR.

The thing is you need to understand the competive nature of CB, it's a dog eat dog world and the reason po and showdon have taken over wi fi as the main battling source is because no effort is involved in getting the mons, even less effort is required than actually using an AR, but hey I am not fuss i use showdon because using ar and wi fi is such a chore, i do use wifi to replicate rare event pokemon!
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