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Default Re: [WAR XI] Saraibre Ryu of GUN vs. White Knight of Team Obscurity.

Saraibre Ryu

[Armory] Scizor (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 63%
Energy: 60%
Status: Can finally see. [-2 DEF, -1 ACC; Safeguard (1 more action)]
Detect ~ X-Scissor

White Knight

[Circus Afro] Zebstrika (M)
Ability: Lightningrod
Health: 62%
Energy: 47%
Status: That went well! [+1 SDEF, +2 SPD]
Overheat ~ Rest/Overheat/Flame Charge

Round Five

As the referee signaled the beginning of the final round, a hush fell over the crowd. Immediately Saraibre Ryu and White Knight tensed, feeling the pressure to perform grow stronger than ever. With varying degrees of confidence, they called out their last orders.

Armory lifted his arms over his chest in a protective gesture. His eyes flashed green, and he tensed his legs in readiness for Circus Afro's attacks. He was not going to lose this battle.
[Detect: Armory, -8% Energy]

Circus Afro was much less certain. He found Armory's glare unsettling, and he was aware not only of his current fatigue but also how much his next attack would take out of him. However, he knew that he would be able to render Armory, if not unconscious, then at least infirmed. He needed to do some damage and this was the way. He opened his jaws, feeling heat rising in his body like his guts had become some enormous blaze; every breath stirred it like a bellows. With a mighty exhalation he released the flame, sending a swirling, white-spangled column of glowing red fire. The blaze rippled across the battlefield, throwing up dust and smoke all across the arena. Armory was quickly swallowed up in the conflagration.
[Overheat: Circus Afro, -22% Energy]

Once Circus Afro could sustain the fire no longer he snapped his jaws shut. Smoke and dust still obscured the battlefield, but Circus Afro didn't need to see his opponent to know that the Scizor was at least temporarily down for the count. He most likely should have waited to see, but at this point he seemed doomed to lose and he was so tired, anyway. Besides, that blast could have taken anyone down. Closing his eyes, Circus Afro lay down, hoping to restore a little bit of health at the last minute. His breathing relaxed, and he fell into a deep slumber.
[Rest: Circus Afro, +20% HP, -8% Energy]

However, that blast of flames had not, as Circus Afro expected, crippled Armory. Indeed, the Scizor wasn't even harmed. Unseen among the dazzling flames, Armory had dodged through the blaze, avoiding the damaging flames with astonishing grace, fluid in every movement, and his movement never stopped. When the flames at last had ceased, he waited at the fringe of the smoke, his wings beating double-time to clear the air about him. He watched for his opportunity, finding it as Circus Afro lay down to sleep. As soon as his chance came he lunged, his claws wide open, their sharp tips flashing with pale green energy. The crowd roared with gleeful surprise as Armory ran out of the smoke, scuffed red shell glinting in the sunlight, and slashed his claws down Circus Afro's side. The Zebstrika let out a grunt of shock and pain, but he did not wake up, despite the two new gashes on his side.
[X-Scissor: Armory, -7% Energy; Circus Afro, -18% HP]

With that final attack, the referee called a halt to the battle. She evaluated both Pokemon - from the still-snoring Circus Afro to the smug Armory, before declaring that they had a winner. Silence followed as the crowd waited to learn who would be the champion of this tournament...

"Saraibre Ryu is the winner!"

Saraibre Ryu

[Armory] Scizor (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 63%
Energy: 45%
Status: Triumphant. [-2 DEF, -1 ACC]

White Knight

[Circus Afro] Zebstrika (M)
Ability: Lightningrod
Health: 64%
Energy: 17%
Status: Snoring peacefully. [-2 SATK, +1 SDEF, +2 SPD, SLP]

Ref Notes
X-Scissor's Accuracy Roll was 17; 1-75 for hit.
X-Scissor's Crit Roll was 90; 1-6.25 for Crit.

63 + 45 = 106/2 = 53
64 + 17 = 81/2 = 40.5
53 > 40.5

And Saraibre Ryu is the winner!

Saraibre Ryu receives $20 for her victory.
White Knight receives $10 for putting up a good fight.
I recieve $36 for reffing 4 rounds.
5TailedDemonLizard recieves $9 for reffing 1 round.
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