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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
I had the reverse happen. My high school, while not the best around, lost to a PRIVATE STUDENT GROUP. Out of all the awards given for literacy and grammar at that college, our high school won only one award, and it was third place. I've never been so humiliated in my life, and even the compliment from the professor didn't help. Worst of all is that most likely half of them were written with help from their parents, not on their own like mine :/

Yes, AR can save time. But the problem is, people who use it usually go for perfect IVs. If you create an AR Pokemon that would be equivalent to a bred Pokemon with perhaps 2-3 perfect IVs, that's fine. Sure, you were cheaper in getting it, but hey. Perfect IVs though are insanely difficult to get without any help and immense luck. If you use a cheating device to get them, that's not fair.

And no, I don't support the idea of having everyone get ARs. Two wrongs don't make a right. It means so much more to get 2-3 perfect IV Pokemon through breeding and hard work than a perfect IV Pokemon from a cheating device.

I create teams, yes, but I don't really compete in battles (no Wi-Fi). I do breed and EV train, but I'll EV train a Pokemon that is just decent (like my shiny Tauros. Sure, his IVs suck and such, but with support he could still trample people. Plus, he's green!) if I feel like it. Zany. And it means so much to see MY hard trained and bred Pokemon doing well in a battle. I put all that effort into it, and it's paying off. It's a great feeling.
oh i believe two wrongs do make a right with everyone with action reply it's fair as everyone would be free to use it, I would so love that wi fi would become more like po, remember i did give up wi fi but i would never have the time to take the odd requests with out action reply it's too inavuble as a time saver, i ever do requests for people on smogon to spread the joy that is effecancy. I would never go legit i am too impacient and busy, it's Ar or bust for me when it comes to wi fi, if people don't want to battle my hacked mons then thats there loss Idc either way but I will give you this grassy, it should be important to make people aware you have used ar then it's up to them whether they wnat to fight you on that baisis, that is what happens at smogon an i don't think it's such a bad diea for here, but i would never support an utright ban on AR, so few people would battle man, so many use Ar these days even behind the back of joe of serebii, I know peoples dark secrets when it comes to AR.
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