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[Pupmon-Dayton Ohio][Role: True Digidestined][Arp: none]

Pupmon saw Birdramon beginning to take off and managed to hop onto one of her feet at the last minute, though he almost failed due to his stubby legs. He clung to the Digimon all through the flight to avoid falling off while trying to keep is fear of hights a secret. He slipped up and let out a whimper at one point when a gust of wind hit Birdramon and she shifted her foot slightly.

Once safely on the ground, Pupmon shook his yellow fur and stomped a paw solidly into the dirt. He took a deep breath to steady himself before racing into the small house. He was full of electric energy and it made the lights flicker a little. He tripped as someone turned a light out and fell directly onto a pillow.

Without pausing he rose to his paws and began to circle the pillow. Having too much energy to sleep, he simply curled up and kept watch. His large orange eyes glowed eerily in the dark despite the fact that they belonged to a cute and seemingly harmless Digimon.
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