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Default Re: Velocity | Mountain | Zoroark



[Rikki] Zoroark
Ability: Illusion
Health: 78
Energy: 60

[-] Magby
Ability: Flame Body
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Suddenly, to the wild pokemon's surprise. The singular sleeping pokemon that he came to challenge suddenly multiplied. There were now 4 Zoroarks sleeping in front of him. He shrank back in fear, but only for a second. As long as they still slept he was not in any danger.
[Illusion; 3 Clones]

Rikki's eyes flung open as he was shaken from the his sleep. He slunk up, walking on all fours, his clones followed him and lined up with him. A crimson glow began to illuminate from the eyes of the fox, and a rather twisted smile formed on its face. A powerful shock wave of darkness exploded out from the pokemon and he raced along with it. The Magby tried to run out of the way, but he reacted too slow. The darkness overcame him with such force that it blew him into the air. He landed and found himself in the bright sunlight, but it seemed as if the darkness still lingered in his eyes and it partly blinded him.
[Night Daze; Rikki: -7 Energy | Magby: -21 Health, -1 ACC]

The Magby began to heat itself up. Drawing energy from the waves of the sun it was able to send a fiery beam from its mouth. It chose one of the Zoroarks to aim at and its flame was forced towards it. However the fox-pokemon disappeared behind a shadow that still lingered in its eye and the Magby could not find it, so the flame vanished into the air.
[Flamethrower; Magby: -17 Energy | Rikki: Missed!]

Rikki eyes began to glow crimson again. He charged forward springing into the air with each step. He then stopped abruptly in front of the small fire pokemon. Another shock-wave came from the dark pokemon. The dark force had the same effect that it had last time, blowing the pokemon away and clouding its eyes.
[Night Daze; Rikki: -7 Energy | Magby: -21 Health, -1 ACC]

The fire-pokemon began to warm up again, the heat from inside its body beginning to creep up its throat. He then blasted a stream of flames towards one of the dark foxes. As soon as the flames hit it, it vanished into the air. It had been a clone and did nothing to hurt its opponent.
[Flamethrower; Magby: -17 Energy | Rikki: -1 Clone]

Velocity had been holding a small ball in her hand the entire battle. She knew that now was a good opportunity. She threw it at the small baby pokemon. He was absorbed by the pokeball. It began to wobble around as the pokemon struggled inside. But Velocity prevailed and captured the Magby.
[Magby: Captured!]


[Rikki] Zoroark
Ability: Illusion
Health: 78
Energy: 46

lol at my horrible writing...


[-] Machop
Ability: Guts

You have 4 Safari Points left.