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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio

“So uh…what’s yer partner’s name then? Figure we oughta know what ta call each other, y’know? Er, well…I can start I guess…I’m Impmon ‘n’ that’s Pagumon, though he’s usually a DemiDevimon, ‘n’ our partner’s name is Kilara…”

The Impmon was talking awkwardly to Angle, but he seemed to want to make conversation, the small creature introducing his partner as Kilara.

Angle just looked awkwardly at the entire group as they introduced themselves. Angle looked to Terry, who had aroused a bit. The Patamon motioned for the Gummymon to talk, but Terry seemed panicky, having to do this alone.

Terry could imagine the words Angle would say if the Patamon were an Angemon. 'You can do this, kid,' he would say, 'Face your fears,' he would continue.

The Gummymon gulped.

“I-I'm Terry,” he stammered, “A-And this is A-Angle. Angle is... um... he's got a glitch in his p-programming that when he's a r-rookie he can't... er... talk...”

He looked at Angle, the Patamon staring intently at the In-Training. But Terry wasn't used to talking to strangers. All his life he had been hiding from strangers, and it was Angle and Lexin who did all the talking.

Then he looked at Angle, who was nodding. Terry finally understood that these people were allies, ready to defend him if necessary.

“And my p-partner's... OUR partner's name is Lexin...” Terry smiled, “We were just flying by when we heard the sounds of battle...”

The Gummymon remembered the battle, how he was easily frozen. He lowered his head in shame, but Angle punched him in the 'shoulder' with his stubby little fist.

'You did good, kid,' the Patamon seemed to say.

Terry smiled. He had done it. He had actually talked to someone he didn't know. His insides exploded in happiness, and he wanted to whoop. But he didn't. He was tired. He was about to doze off when Angle steadied him. The Patamon shook his head at Terry. He needed the Gummymon to interpret.

“Um... Sorry Lexin's... um... Asleep,” Terry said awkwardly, “He's been working his bottom off for a week now...” he looked at this girl, Laura. She seemed nice enough... “And he... he hasn't been resting much. Just a couple hours of sleep a d-day...”

He was doing fine, Terry way. He looked at Kilara with hope, that she might speak, ease the awkwardness in the air.
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