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Default Re: Velocity | Mountain | Zoroark



[Rikki] Zoroark
Ability: Illusion
Health: 78
Energy: 46

[-] Graveler
Ability: Rock Head
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Whoo guys! What's up with the multiple Zoroaks! How come there is now four of these dudes. That's not good for the rocky dude.
[Illusion; 3 Clones]

OUCH! Vines hurt mister rocky man. That fox pokemon is so mean, it should be fainted, cause that would be funny. lals.
[Grass Knot; Rikki: -18 Energy | Graveler: -36 Health]

Wow! Ground shaky. Zoroark is hurt by falling in the dirty ground. Huhhhh? It just poofed into the air. It was a clone. How sad. :(
[Earthquake; Graveler: -10 Energy | Rikki: -1 Clone]

Velocity threw a pokeball. Click!
[Ball; Successful]

Here are your pokemon.

[-] Graveler
Ability: Rock Head

[-] Geodude
Ability: Rock Head

[-] Magby
Ability: Flame Body