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Default Re: Summer 2012 Forum FFA: Turn Four

Cradily A has been given no move order. Haze out with $10250.
Gliscor B has been given no move order. WebMaster out with $10250.
Feraligatr B is tightening its focus!
Litwick uses Calm Mind.
Arcanine A uses Substitute.
Cradily B uses Recover.
Dusknoir uses Will-o-Wisp on Scyther.
Empoleon B uses Hydro Pump on Arcanine B, sub breaks.
Empoleon A uses Swords Dance.
Walrein uses Earthquake on Litwick, KOs! Ebail out with $11000.
Metagross B uses Magnet Rise.
Feraligatr A uses Rest.
Togekiss B uses Light Screen.
Togekiss A uses Psych Up on Cradily A, fails.
Gardevoir C uses Shadow Ball on Dusknoir, SDEF drops!
Gardevoir A uses Reflect.
Gallade uses Calm Mind.
Excadrill disappears underground!
Porygon-Z uses Reflect.
Mr. Mime uses Psych Up on Togekiss B.
Lucario uses Shadow Claw on Litwick, fails.
Raichu uses Reflect.
Infernape B uses Calm Mind.
Starmie B uses Psych Up on Togekiss B.
Arcanine B uses Curse.
Venusaur uses Solarbeam on Dusknoir, KOs! Ridley out with $11500.
Blaziken uses Blaze Kick on Lucario, KOs! Nocturnaldualblade out with $12000.
BRN hurts Scyther.
TOX hurts Cradily A.
Aqua Ring heals Empoleon A.
Speed Boost raises Blaziken's Speed.
24 of 48 Pokemon remaining.

Blaziken A [something really high] 75%, SUB, SPD+3
Venusaur [518] 77.28%, ATK+2, SATK+2
Starmie B [329] 75%, SUB, RF-3, LS-2, DEF+2, SDEF+2
Infernape B [315] 75%, SUB, ATK+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2
Scyther [309] 87.5%, ATK+2, BRN
Raichu [299] 75%, SUB, SATK+4, RF-1
Arcanine B [289] 75%, ATK+2, DEF+2
Mr. Mime [279] 75%, SUB, RF-3, LS-2, DEF+2, SDEF+2
Porygon-Z [279] 75%, SUB, DEF+2, SDEF+2, RF-1
Excadrill [275] 75%, SUB, ATK+2, DIGGING
Gallade [259] 75%, SUB, ATK+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2
Gardevoir A [259] 100%, {Flash Fire}, SATK+2, SDEF+2, RF-1
Gardevoir C [259] 75%, SUB, RF-2
Togekiss A [259] 100%, SUB, RF-2
Togekiss B [259] 75%, SUB, DEF+2, SDEF+2, RF-3, LS-1
Feraligatr A [255] 100%, SUB, ATK+2, DEF+1, SLP-0
Feraligatr B [255] 75%, SUB
Metagross B [239] 75%, SUB, RF-3, LS-2, MR-1
Walrein [229] 75%, SUB
Empoleon A [219] 93.75%, SUB, ATK+4, AR
Empoleon B [219] 75%, SUB, ATK+2
Cradily B [185] 75%, TOX-4, DEF+2, SDEF+2
Arcanine A [144] 50%, SUB, ATK+2, DEF+2, SPD-2

SUN-2, TR-4, GRAV-3

Hmm, halfway there. Who has the guts to start making the hard KOs?

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