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Default Forum War II Discussion/FAQ Thread

Forum War II

It begins!

As of today, the countdown to the second Forum War begins! I'm sorry that it took so long to get this back underway, but hopefully it'll be, as Gabe Newell would say, worth the wait.

Wait, what is this?

So, for those of you new to Forum War, you must be wondering what this all is. Forum War, simply put, is a Roleplay that takes place between multiple forums. The first Forum War took place solely between the Pokemon Elite 2000 Forum and Global Trade Station Plus, and was hosted by Global Trade Station Plus. The RP itself, Viral Overgrowth, was the first of it's kind between our forums, and pioneered the format for the event that shall happen this week.

What's new?

This year, two new features will debut at this Forum War. This year, the Forum War will have representatives from three Forums, with PE2K and GTS+ returning, and Serebii being introduced as the newcomer. This RP will also feature RP Teams, which will be explained later.

So, how do I join in?

It's very simple really. The basics of participation involve signing up for the RP as soon as the SU thread opens up, which will occur in about a week. You will indicate which Forum you represent, both in your Sign Up and somewhere within your signature. The RP this year will be held at PE2K's roleplay thread, and will hopefully be stickied to the top of the thread along with other RP materials such as this thread.

Now, what are RP Teams?

RP Teams are groups of RPers who band together to form a sort of mini-faction. These factions, while still members of one of the three larger factions, set their own goals and fend for themselves throughout the RP. For those of you familiar with PE2K WAR/TEAM RP, this concept should be familiar.

The way of establishing a Team for the RP is simple. One starts a team by creating a thread for it in the PE2K Groups/Clubs thread. Groups should indicate their participation in the Forum War by adding [FW] to the beginning of the thread title. Once established, groups must acquire a minimum of 3 members to be considered eligible for the Forum War. Once your group meets this requirement, it will be listed in this thread and the SU thread. Remember, if you are in a group, you must indicate this when you create your Sign-Up. Also remember that members of your team must be from the same forum, so mixed forum teams are not allowed.

If I am an active member of multiple participant, which forum do I represent?

Members of more than one forum have the choice of representing just one forum. The preferred choice is for the forum you are most active on currently. Remember, once you pick a forum to represent, you can only represent that forum for the rest of the Forum War, even if you have multiple characters.

What type of RP will this be?

See this post for all plot-related information.

Are we actually competing for points of some sort? Is this a contest?

Absolutely not. This is just a large event RP where users from different forums can come and represent their site. There's no scoring or judging, so the main goal of the RP is to have fun.

Can I sign up for the Forum War RP here?

No, you can sign up at the SU thread when it is opened. This thread is just for reference and information.

What You Can Do Right Now!

Before the RP War starts, there are a whole slew of things you can do to participate and support your team.
  • Join PE2K! If you aren't already a member of the PE2K forum, you will need an account to participate in the Forum War.
  • Make banners! Represent your team with space in your signature!
  • Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about this RP. The more the merrier!
  • Start or join a team! Begin gathering members to meet the participation requirement! Remember, groups must be started in the PE2K Groups/Clubs thread and marked with the prefix [FW].
  • Discuss! This thread is open to any questions/comments you may have!
Well, the thread is now open for anything and everything you want to ask or discuss. Post away!

Reference Links:

Pokemon Elite 2000 Forum

GTSPlus Forum Forum

SU Thread

PE2K Banners:

[U RL=""][I MG][/IMG][I MG][/IMG][/URL]

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