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Default Re: [WAR XI] Graphic Art


And here we are, after five weeks of graphic art insanity, it's the final judging onslaught.

SCORE: 94/100

Definitely a neat banner, I like the galactic and space background you have going on. Sure, I get that most of those effects were from renders, but you did a pretty awesome job combining them all together to fit into one piece. Not to mention the sphere that surrounds Giratina is a pretty cool effect and you did a nice job of incorporating that. I feel the other four Pokémon could have been a blended in a bit more, but they're alright. As for the text, I'll admit, I read it as "Destiny An Rises Echo As Unending" at first and got hit with a WTF moment, but then I tried reading it vertically and it made more sense as "Destiny Rises As An Echo Unending" which is a pretty cool phrase. The text effect itself is great and stands out, but the word "Unending" is a bit hard to read from the glow. Still, definitely a neat banner.

SCORE: 72/100

Never played Twilight Princess (sorry, just got bored of Zelda games after Ocarina of Time), but that is a pretty kickass dragon picture. Only thing is, there's just not that much going on in the banner besides the render itself over a kind of murky brown background that isn't eye catching. To me, it just seems like you whipped this up a little too quickly. And yeah, a border would have been nice too, I've done them myself and it only takes a couple of minutes, if even. The text is alright, something besides a standard font would have been more eye-catching, and most of it can be read except for the second "R" right near the dragon's mouth.


1st Place (6 Points) - Saraibre Ryu of GUN

And that's the game, thanks again for taking part! Definitely a truckload of great entries this year!

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