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Default Return of the Avatar (15+ due to language and semi-detailed violence)

Hey guys, this is my first fan fiction. It is based in the world of Avatar: The last airbender and Avatar the legend of Korra. The prologue is based in the lifetime of the Avatar after Korra, then the main story is based 300 years after the prologue, in a modern day society.
Basically the Avatar is believed to have died out. Benders have become rare, and most people dont even know what a bender is. An ancient cult, who over the centuries has become a ruthless gang, have torn Isaac's life apart.
To Avoid confusion, Bumi is NOT King Bumi of Omashu, nor the son of Aang and Katara. Bumi is the result of my lack of name creating ability. However Bolin IS Bolin from the legend of Korra, and Iroh is General Iroh From the legend of Korra, not Zuko's Uncle Iroh.
anyway here it is
Book 1: Beginnings
Prologue: Bumi's Plan
Chapter 1: Dreams and Reality
Chapter 2: Truth and Lies
Chapter 3: A New Face
Chapter 4: Who To and Not To Trust
Chapter 5: 15 Minutes of Fame
Chapter 6: Perfect Day For a Funeral
Chapter 7: Where Nobody Dares to Go
Chapter 8: Reunions
Chapter 9: Breaking Free
Chapter 10: Mistakes Of The Past
Book 2: Fighting Back
Chapter 1: Old Friends Old Memories
Chapter 2: The Element Of Surprise
Chapter 3: No Limits
Chapter 4: The Shadow

Sorry if the links to the chapters, breaches the rules, as I had already written so much, and published on and I thought it would be extremely messy to post each chapter as a post. Anyway enjoy :)

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