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Default Keldeo. Keldeo Everywhere.

Credit to Charmander009 for the banner

The Main Info

So, you must be wondering, why am I here, reading this thread? Well, if you’re reading this thread, it’s so you can get yourself a FREE* legit Keldeo! Yeah, you totally just read that right. Oh, so you noticed the asterisks where it says free. Well, that’s because you’re gonna have to work a little to get it. Pretty much, you’ve got to enter one of the Keldeo contests by the date specified on that thread, then fill out the form provided at the end of this, and one of the following people will give you your Keldeo at a later date:
-Judge Dredd

When Everything is Going Down
The event will begin today (August 1) and end on August 15 at 11:59 GMT-5. That’s when you can request a Keldeo after you enter one of the contests.
The actual distribution of the Keldeo will be held toward the end of the contests.
As listed above, Judge Dredd and I will be distributing the Keldeo.
If you have any questions about the Keldeo, just send one of us a message.

Keldeo-Themed Contests

This is Where You Apply for Keldeo

Link to your submission in Keldeo contest:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:

So, what are you guys waiting for? Go enter a contest, and get yourself a Keldeo!

Shun the non-believer

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